I often write about infidelity in my stories (not that I agree with being unfaithful; but it does add drama to my stories).  There are varying levels of cheating. Some see constant thoughts of a person other than your partner, others see conversations; some see a kiss, and I think pretty much everyone agrees that oral and actual intercourse is cheating! Of course, as we all know cheating happens in so many relationships and often leaves people broken-hearted and devastated.  There are couples who have decided to have open relationships as a way to circumvent the inevitable belief that one or both will cheat eventually so let’s go ahead and put it on the table.  (Or at least that’s my opinion on why open relationships exist). Can relationships truly be monogamous? Are we asking for too much to expect one partner for the rest of your life, assuming you are coupled or married young? Is there ever a time when infidelity is excusable? Is it ever okay to leave a spouse or a significant other because you believe you found the ‘one’?


3 thoughts on “Infidelity

  1. These are all good questions. I don’t believe in open relationship. An open relationship is you actually being single. I feel like I can’t really speak in the other questions because there are too many variables. Everyone’s relationship is different. I do believe in being monogamous but I am a woman and it may be easier for women to be as opposed to men but I don’t know. I know some men who cheat and I know some who don’t. I also believe that men cannot handle women cheating on them like women can but everyone has there breaking point. I appreciate these questions because they are challenging me to rethink how I look at relationships and what I desire for my future relationships. Keep stimulating minds! I’m here for it.🙂


    1. That’s the goal to keep stimulating minds…and agreed that every relationship is different and both partners have to decide on type of relationship and agreed that men can’t handle cheating like women which is crazy when you think about it and is going to make me pose another thought about it…thanks for stimulating my mind LOL!


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