Should you stay for the sake of children?


My parents separated my second year of college after twenty years of marriage and they said it really was about waiting until I was out of the home, though I still had two younger siblings. They thought it was best to keep the family intact as long as possible and I guess since I was the first to move out when I went away for school, my father shortly followed. I know that there are a lot of couples who do that, stay together for the sake of the children. Of course, there are people who will say divorce scars the children and it often does. But I’m here to argue that it can scar children when they grow up with one or both parents who no longer want to be married. I am an advocate of establishing and maintaining a healthy and loving relationship and marriage, especially if they are children involved. However, if you and your partner really don’t or can’t work anymore then maybe it’s time to throw the towel in and focus on being the best co-parents you can be. At the end of the day, you are your children’s role models and how to handle the good and bad of life including intimate relationships. And what are you showing if you are unhappy but sticking it out? Yes, one may argue that you are demonstrating fidelity, perseverance, or whatever word you want to use that suggests adherence to a promise whether it continues to make personal sense, but I argue what are your children really learning from you? Your thoughts??

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