Holiday Blues

P and F tree

This time of year can be the happiest or the saddest, especially if you lost a loved one around this time of year.  (And if you did, release a balloon in the air in honor of your loved one, full of happy memories).  It can also be a time when you reflect on what you don’t have, like the family you want to create, a job you want or the house or car you wish you could afford. As someone recently told me if you are not a part of a couple, the holidays can also make you feel like somehow you need to be coupled up, even if you were okay with your singledom before the holidays.   And if you believe or you actually are lacking one or more of all the above, you might just get the blues.

I challenge you to fight whatever is causing the blues if you find yourself with a heavy heart and wanting to avoid others. It’s time to be grateful for what you do have and work toward what you don’t.

And always remember everyone has their own path and there is never a set age to accomplish whatever it is, you want to accomplish. I actually love the holiday season and the lights and the energy and even the hustle and bustle, though I hate shopping!! There were times I did focus on the negative aspects of my life but over the past few years I use this time to reflect on what I like and embrace my life.  Even if the holiday season is not your cup of tea, what I do hope is that you use this time to focus on loved ones whether they are your family, friends, or both. And if you don’t have people in your life that you feel truly love and accept you for yourself, give yourself all the love. There is nothing more powerful than self-love. So treat yourself with all your favs this holiday season and by all means shake those holiday blues!!

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