New Year


Today is Nia (Purpose) for those who celebrate Kwanzaa.

It is my purpose to continue to be the best person I can be, to be of service to my loved ones and others through my work.  I have always wanted my passion and purpose to meet and for the last few years, it has come true and I plan to spend the rest of my life continuing my purpose. My wish for you in the new year, that you find or enhance your purpose on this Earth and go forth with energy while holding fast to your dreams…Happy New Year.

Most of you know me from Wattpad and I have used it for almost three years (I can’t believe it has been that long since I posted ‘The Escape’…wow), but it garnered me a few readers and followers.  I only have one friend who is a follower so everyone who does follow me are complete strangers and that makes me smile.  I hope in time I have just as many on this site as I did on Wattpad and definitely more as I begin to spend more time on my own site and develop it further so that it more user friendly.  (I will only use wattpad to support this website and annouce for those new readers who are reading ‘The Escape Series’  and ‘Love’s Complication’).  These stories won’t be removed from their site.  All other stories will be removed or only partially posted.  I thank Wattpad for giving writer’s a platform to write but it’s time for me to expand my love of writing to the publishing world.  I have EOY self-published with paperback to released in the next few weeks.  I have the ‘Endgame Series’ and ‘Forbidden’ to be published by Garden Avenue Press in the new year. I have edited the ‘Endgame Series’ and working with the publisher on the covers, so that will be the first released. I will begin editing ‘Forbidden’ in January.

I actually wrote four stories last year. My plan is to write at least four new stories and update and revise some of my older stories.  I plan to write and release the sequel to EOY, expand and publish ‘Teacher’s Pet’ (and change the title, not really feeling that title) and write sequel to that.  I also started a new story, ‘Unforgettable Kiss’ and the fourth story may be an original YA story that follows another character from the ‘Crew’ from my ongoing teen series, that I orginally wrote but neglected for my romance.  Or a sequel to ‘Forbidden’ that will focus on Aaron’s life after the betrayal of his wife and brother.  I also have a crime love story, which is new for me, and another story which is more of a light-hearted romance itching to get on the pages.  I do plan to do serious edits and revise ‘One Week’ for publication as well… Whew! You see why I need to make this my full time job so I have time to get these ideas and characters out of my head and to you, my readers…

I am new to this website world and really haven’t had the time to develop this website better but I will work on it because I want it to be more user friendly and appealing so that you can see what’s going in my writing world of life and romance. At the current time I go by a pen name because my true identity has to be hidden for the time being because of my professional career. In time, though I will share a little of myself more and more. In all of my women characters there is a little of me in each of them as I am sure you can find yourself in my characters whether you are a woman or a man.  I look forward to many more books and characters I hope you love as much as the ones you have grown to love through my stories!

I hope that each of you will have the best year yet!! Toast to the new year!!



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