What is chemistry when it comes to love? Is chemistry important when finding love? Are you the person that needs to feel the butterflies every time you see your love (or at least most days)? Why we are attracted to the people we are is still a mystery to me? Or worse when you are attracted to a person who doesn’t feel the same. How does that even happen? It is something I have pondered and unable to really answer on why we are drawn to certain people through their appearance, intellect, sense of humor, personality, and even their essence.  Of course there are many theories of attraction, lust, and love. One thing for sure is that you have to have chemistry in order to have a chance at romantic love. Does that mean you will get butterflies every time? Probably not, but what you will get is the ability to truly be yourself with no airs when you find that one with whom you have great chemistry!  Your thoughts, opinions, or facts on the role of chemistry in love is welcomed…I am curious what you think

Valentine’s Day is approaching and I’m pretty sure I will drop a post about it when that day come closer…but in honor of love, I am dropping for release Chemistry (formerly Teacher’s Pet for those who have already read the old version).  Check under my books section for more details about this new love story…


4 thoughts on “Chemistry

  1. I think chemistry is important. You can be attracted to someone but there is no chemistry (I have experienced this before). I think chemistry is when you “vibe” with someone in essence they “get you”. I don’t have to have butterflies but I do need to have something and I soliloquy’s be the only one who knows what that something is. In regards to falling for people who do not reciprocate your love, I believe they are all apart of the plan to help you love yourself enough to recognize when someone doesn’t love you and give you the strength to leave and wait for someone who does.


    1. Honestly, I am rarely attracted to men; it’s why I never went through a boy crazy phase like most of my friends. So when I’m attracted there is definitely chemistry. I have never thought an attraction being one-sided is a lesson in loving yourself…I like that take on it and it makes sense. It’s like that book and movie…he’s not that into you…def have to be able to tell when feelings are not reciprocated which I think is more of woman’s problem than men since we are pressured to be in relationships more. Thanks for responding!!


  2. Chemistry is definitely between 2 or even more individuals. Attraction is an individual hoping for another spark attraction for some Chemistry that has longevity. Attraction can be superficial and temporary.


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