Essence of You available for discounted price for a limited time

I hope you have been following my daily countdown to Valentine’s Day of my favorite romance movies and honorable mentions on instagram @tiye28always and Facebook @tiye love books. Just getting everyone in the spirit. Even if you don’t have a significant other, you should still feel blessed that you are loved either by family, friends, God, or even yourself.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Essence of You will be avilable for $.99 on Tuesday, $1.99 on Wednesday, and $2.99 on Thursday and returning to regular $3.99 price on Friday. I hope if you haven’t purchased the e-book, you get it now! Just download the Kindle app on your phone and purchase from phone or go online on tablet or laptop and order from Amazon. Once you received email download to your phone.

For those who didn’t get a copy yet…here’s a teaser of one of the Bonus chapters from Montana’s POV.

Meet Cute (Montana)

I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw Jasmine limping towards me, her head was down so I know she didn’t see me. I was only supposed to come back to my suite to get some condoms because we were at this party hosted by Lance Gross and my teammate Darryl Sinclair and the females were all over me. But when I saw her, suddenly the desire to be with any other woman than her faded. When I first met her, I thought she was mad cool and beautiful but now even in her bare feet, she was also sexy as fuck.

“Hey. Jasmine, like the flower.” I smiled when she looked up surprised and came to stand next to me. For a minute I thought she was going to run like she did when I saw her at the concert yesterday when I’m used to women running to me. “I’m thinking you and heels don’t get along.”

“Huh?” She didn’t give me direct eye contact and I thought it was cute that she was obviously attracted but nervous. If she was any other woman, she would be already propositioning me. I pointed to her shoes in her hand and the fact that she was barefoot. She had nice feet and her toes were painted a pale pink and that ring on her toe was so sexy.

“You would be right. I can only feel my two big toes. But hey I can still walk if I have at least one toe on each foot, right?”

I laughed caught off guard by her humor once again. Most of the women I dated were too self-involved or self-conscious to make a joke. “You’re funny.”

“No. Telling the truth. I’m scared I won’t ever feel my toes again.”

“Must be newbie to Essence?” She was relaxing the more she talked to me and I tapped my shoulder with hers, trying to get her to relax more. Before she knew who, I was, she was friendly and funny and once she knew, she was nervous. I didn’t want her to be intimidated by me.

“Yep, first time and it has been amazing. I already have seen enough concerts to last me the rest of the year and I still have two more days. I wore these, trying to be cute, not realizing there was so much walking involved.” She lifted her heels.

“I’ve been to Essence several times now and it never fails, by the end of the night there are thousands of women with hurt feet ‘trying to be cute’ but looking anything but.” The slow elevator I had previously complained about was my best friend right about now. I needed more time to convince her to spend the night with me and I was so up for the challenge.

“Are you trying to say I’m not cute?” She smiled, openly flirting making me think I might not need more time after all.

“You’re not.”

“Wow. Should I be offended?”

I had to hold my smile she looked so confused that maybe she read me wrong, and right when I was going to let her off the hook, the elevator finally chimed. “No, you’re not cute.” I stole a look thinking that she was probably the most beautiful woman I had seen this weekend, especially with the flower in her hair. I wanted to play in her hair sensing that she wouldn’t care if I did.


The elevator doors opened, and a few people got off. I wasn’t up to any fans ruining my moment with Jasmine, so I kept my head down and I allowed her to go on the elevator before me. I got on and though I knew that somehow, she would end up with me, I asked out of politeness, “What floor?”

“Tenth.” Her voice sounded slightly shaky and, on this elevator, alone it was clear that there was sexual energy between us and maybe that’s what made her nervous.

I pushed ten and then used my card to access ‘PH’. I stood across from her, slowly perusing her sexy body that her black dress hugged in all the right places. It took all my power not to lift her dress and go down on her. I bet she wore a thong. “You’re beautiful.”

“Excuse me?” She frowned with a hint of a smile. Her slightly red-colored lips were full, and she had a slight gap in her front teeth that made her smile unique.

“You asked if I thought you were cute, and I said ‘no’ because you’re beautiful. But I already told you that, right?” I gazed into her dark brown eyes, with long lashes that were all hers, so she would know that I was serious with my compliment. “Where are your peeps?”

“At Harrah’s down the street.” She said her mouth slightly open and I could see her chest rising quicker. She wanted me, and I wanted her, but she wasn’t the type to rush.

“Why aren’t you with them?” I said slowly.

She lowered her eyes like she was shy again before looking at me with an unexpected sadness that made me want to protect her. “My feet hurt.”

I wondered if the pain in her feet was the only reason she appeared to be sad, though something told me it wasn’t. “Are you changing shoes to join them?” I asked knowing that there was no way I was letting her get away from me tonight even if that meant I was going back to the party with her.

“No. I’m in for the night.”

Thank you because I really didn’t want to share you. I thought to myself as I feigned concern. “Why? You should be out partying.”

The elevator reached floor ten and the doors opened, my eyes never left her face.

“I know but not really a party girl. Um…I guess this is my floor.”

She barely moved, and it was enough for me to shoot my shot. I pushed the button to close the doors before returning to my position against the wall. “Hang with me.”

“Seriously? Don’t you have people to get back to? Did you even come here with anyone?”

I did but all I cared about was the woman in front of me. “I don’t just come with anyone.”

Although she was blushing, she tilted her head as if she was contemplating how to receive me.

“I’m sorry. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.” I smiled knowing my dimples were showing. “My friends are somewhere on Bourbon St. I came back to the hotel exhausted but seeing you and suddenly I’m not tired at all.”

“I know the feeling.” She said so quietly I had to strain to hear her.

Something about the way she admitted how she felt made me want to really get to know this woman who got my attention at ‘Damn’. My first thought since I saw her at the elevator was to fuck her as soon as we hit the door, but now I… wanted… I didn’t know what I wanted except it felt so natural to take her hand in mine and lead her to my suite.

All I could think as she trusted me to take care of her, at least for tonight, was that I was so glad she bumped into me.

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