Good morning…

I hope that Monday is just another day of the week and not a day you dread.   I had a conversation with a friend once and it was on a Sunday.  We were just having fun, talking, eating, and laughing, when I groaned about tomorrow being Monday. He looked blank and had asked why had I groaned.  I responded that it was Monday and he still seemed confused.  I had to explain to him like he was a kindergarten, that everyone hates Mondays, and he simply said he didn’t. He never saw Monday as any other day of the week, no better no worse.


The more we talked, I realized that I dreaded Mondays because I didn’t like my job much like when I was younger and didn’t like school.  He loved his job and he told me life is too short to live for the weekends.  And I have kept that in mind ever since that day and I no longer wait to enjoy life on 4:59pm on Fridays. Every day is a Friday (or Thursday, which is my personal favorite day of the week). My advice to you if you’re dreading Mondays or any day of the week, ask yourself why and if you have it in your power to change whatever it is that brings you angst, then do it as I had with that particular job.  However, if you can’t change the situation, change the way that you think about it. Find something positive in what you do and who you are, no matter how minute and by all means enjoy your daily life!!

What’s your favorite day of the week?

Is there a day you dread and why?


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