Podcast interview on March 25 7pm CST


I have been tapped to do a podcast interview with Black Author Network (BAN) on Monday, March 25 at 7pm CST! I need your support! Please listen and feel free to call in as we discuss my books and my journey as an author.  If you have read any of the Endgame Trilogy and you enjoyed it, call in and give a review.  Even if you are a fan of my other stories, please call in so that we can have a lively, interactive show and hopefully drum up more support of my work. The podcast is open to the public and you can ask me questions about anything.  The show is 30 minutes and not scripted, I may even read a segment or two of my work. So I hope you can join in, even if all you want to do is listen…

Call in number is (323) 642-1298 and the chatroom is: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/Black-Author-Network

I also need to choose two excerpts to read from any of the Endgame Trilogy, in particular Endgame…I need your suggestions of your favorite parts or a part of the stories you feel will garner more interest…Please leave your passage suggestions in comment sections of this blog…

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