Faith is a hope in the unseen

Hold on pain ends (I saw this acronym and thought how fitting it is for me right now)

I haven’t written a blog in awhile because I have been going through a lot. For those who heard my podcast a few weeks ago, I discussed being a psychologist and I often use my writing to help others work on themselves and their relationships with others. Writing is my passion. It is also what I used to cope when I’m feeling down. Since the new year began, I’ve had and continue to have rough times when I’ve been unbelievably sad.

I often want to run away and start fresh, but life prevents it. Writing has always been my escape but lately because I have been revising and editing and marketing, I haven’t been able to create new thought. Right about now, I don’t feel I have an escape and I have to be both a magician and artist now and draw an imaginary world in which I can exist for a moment as I go through this valley. Honestly, I haven’t really enjoyed my Endgame Trilogy release which happened last month and this past Friday, my Forbidden release because of everything else in my life that’s going awry. I should have celebrated this weekend, and in fact no one but my followers (which are mostly strangers since none of my friends and only one sister follows me) even know I released a new book on Friday. I’ll save my celebration for a magical day soon in which I can really soak in that I am working on my passion just as diligently as my career.

Forgive me as I continue to rant or vent…My mind’s gone half crazy (Okay I was listening to Musiq Soulchild as I was composing this blog) because I have so many responsibilities including my clients, (of all ages, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicities) who look to me to help them in their time of need. Well, I NEED a break like yesterday…And I’m trying to hold on to HOPE but sometimes that becomes difficult to do. I know this too shall pass, but while I’m going through it, it seems never-ending. My guess is you’ve been in this place before, and may be in this place right now…

Take a deep breath…NOW!!

I’m giving myself HOPE, that on this religious weekend, GOD has me has he/she always does and that I must continue to have FAITH, which is just a HOPE in the unseen. FAITH that right around the corner, the sun will shine bright again…

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