Essence of You, Book One

I hope that for those who already read EOY, fall in love all over again with Jasmine and Montana as I rerelease their story in anticipation of the follow-up to their story, Essence of Us, tentatively slated for a July 26 release. The original EOY as I have mentioned previously is now split into Essence Of You released June 18 and Essence of Me, to be released on June 21. And for those who haven’t read it, I hope you enjoy the journey of Jasmine Green, usually unlucky in love who literally bumps into Montana Keyes, a sexy NBA player, while on a girls’ trip to the Essence Festival in New Orleans. They have a passion filled weekend fling and while Montana wants to explore a possible relationship, Jasmine has trust issues and is wary of men like him. In time Montana convinces her to give him a chance, and the three stories are about their trials and tribulations on their path to a lasting love. Essence of You, Book One is the introduction of Jasmine and Montana and their respective family and friends, as they both accept their inevitable…enjoy!!

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