Father’s Day

Fathers rarely get the recognition they deserve and often it’s because for a lot of people they are absent. I think fathers are the most understood people. Now granted, because I have a father who has always been present in my life, I’m biased. But what I know for sure that even for those fathers who are absent or not always present, that most wanted to be. Yes, they do have the deadbeats who no matter what shirk responsibility at every bend and turn. Then they are the men who didn’t have the proper guidance on how to be there for their families and if they did would be better. Men do not get the nine months of bonding that women get naturally with their children. And for some men, they have to make a point to bond with their children while other men instinctively bond with their children. And let’s not forget that men are supposed to be the providers and there are some who leave if they can’t fit the role. The problem with this notion is that men AND women often equate providing as financial, instead of all the other facets of life that men can provide: emotional, intellectual, guidance, structure, and love. As long as you can provide all these other areas, you are still a good father and needed in your family.

Often my characters have emotional challenges due to the absence of a father because a father’s love is influential. I do hope that if you have a poor relationship with your father, that you find it in your heart to forgive him so that you can flourish emotionally. And if you can still repair it, then try and maybe see if you can get some understanding on why he may not have always been the father he should have been. And if you have an awesome dad, tell him so, and never take him for granted.

I can write a thesis on fathers but I have to get back to writing Essence of Us

Take care…

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Yes very good point, we have stop packing ALL fathers in that deadbeat box. And give if not a little but All the Credit that those who are Worthy their Due Praises. Thank you for your seeds Fathers For God Our Father knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb and Devine power and purpose was set. To God be the Glory. Amen😇💚🙏🏽

    Now PLEASE get back to finish writing Essence of Us!!!🤗💚🤗


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