Ask Tiye

For those who like a lil kick to their hot chocolate

In my every day life I’m a psychologist and life coach and I speak with people everyday about the hills and valleys of our lives. All too often we try to do everything ourselves, think we can handle what has been thrown at us, and sometimes we can and other times we need a little help. So I decided to open up free tips or words of advice for my readers and followers to help you cope with life challenges or if you just need a little encouragement or a plan of action. Feel free to contact me directly through my website, my email at and through my social media IG @tiye28always and FB (somehow I have two accounts but I prefer simply the ‘Tiye Love’ one). I will share your thoughts, and questions along with my responses on my site if you email me and I promise to not share your name, handle, or give information that could easily identify you, unless you want me to (this is what I do for a living, I can keep a secret (LOL!). If you directly respond to my website and comment, I’m assuming you’re fine with others seeing our conversation.

My first suggestion is if you’re reading this is to make sure that each day, you’re engaged in something you enjoy. Even if it’s just five minutes or something you take for granted like watching TV. Make watching your favorite show an event, replete with snacks, hot cocoa (or alcohol) and a comfortable throw. Whatever you do, make sure it makes you smile to remind you that there’s always some joy to be found in life!!

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