Wednesday Writing Prompt May 6

PROMPT 1 The heroine is at a bar playing a drinking game with her friends and loses, and as a result is told that she has to ask the next man who comes through the door out on a date.

The Introduction

Adjusting my cold shoulder red sweater, I surveyed the bar area where I’d just lost a bet with my girls. “I thought there would be more hotties tonight with that Black Lawyer’s Association convention in town.  Such a waste of my stilettos and outfit especially because I don’t have money for dry cleaning.”

Sheena, my roommate complained, “I told you we should’ve hung out at Adams Morgan. That’s where the money is.”

Paula finished her cocktail. “There are plenty of attractive men here tonight, you’re too picky.”

Zoe added, “Says the woman who’s practically engaged.”

I wagged my finger in Paula’s face. “Not trying to hear anything from you. Kwame can’t seem to think without you.”

Paula protested weakly, “I keep trying to get rid of him, but he doesn’t go anywhere.”

Zoe threw her arm around her best friend’s shoulders. “And you know you adore him.”

Sipping on the rest of my scotch on ice, I scanned the bar and restaurant again. “Back to me, attention back to me. I lost the game, but I don’t see anyone in here who seems to be unattached.”

Zoe quirked a brow. “I’m upping the ante, instead of asking anyone who you find hot. You have to ask the next man who walks through that door for a date.”

Scrunching my nose, I argued, “Anyone? What if he butt ass ugly?”

“It’s just a date and not a marriage proposal. The dude may turn you down anyway.”

I tossed down my drink. “No man has ever turned me down. Fuck it, the next guy who walks through that door.”

Paula laughed. “Hope he’s old enough to be your grandfather trying to relive his youth.”

“Well, at least I’ll have a date.”

At that moment, a group of laughing, young, handsome black men in various business casual attire walked into the restaurant.

“Are you freaking kidding me? You get to choose out of them? Every single last one of them is hot,” Zoe lamented.

“I’ll do you one better.” I stepped off my stool, smoothed back my sleek long ponytail, and sauntered, purposely to the group of four. When I got closer to them, another cutie walked through the door and my knees almost buckled. Damn, he was one sexy man.  Just my type with his ebony skin, low cut fade, groomed mustache and goatee, muscular physique visible in his blue sweater, and tall enough for my five-inch heels. He opened his mouth to say something to his friends before our eyes met. Bingo.  Unabashedly staring at him, I addressed his group. “Good evening, wondering if you gentlemen would like to join me and my gorgeous friends over there for drinks.”

Four heads turned toward the bar and my friends, who were varying shades of black and beautiful waved at the men. And without further conversation, the group happily headed to the bar. Except one.

The tall, dark, and handsome object of my attention grabbed my hand before I could follow. “Hey, hey… you’re mine for the night.”

I smiled. “Yours for the night?”

“Yes. Mine.”

“What if I have my eye on one of your friends?”

He shook his head. “Impossible. In fact, …” Still holding my hand, he pulled me to the hostess stand. “Table for two.”

I looked back at my girls who appeared to be enjoying the company of the men. Only Zoe screwed up her face and licked her tongue. I gave her the middle finger and then I turned back to the sexy stranger. “Can I at least find out your name if I’m supposed to be yours tonight?”

He grinned his teeth so pearly white, I wanted the number to his dentist. “Maybe.”

“Then, maybe, I don’t want to be alone with you.”

He countered in a deep voice. “Yet, you haven’t let go of my hand.”

“I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.”

Dropping my hand, he grimaced. “Ooh, that hurt.”

Surprisingly already missing the warmth of his palm, I responded, “I think you can take it.”

Flirtatiously he quipped, “Yes, I’m sure I can.”

The hostess then asked us to follow her to a booth.  Although I sat expecting him to sit across from me, he gestured with his hand for me to move over. With any other guy, I would’ve been annoyed at his rather assuming behavior, but I strangely wanted to be near him.

“Order whatever you like.” He pointed at the menus that the pretty hostess who lingered a little too long at our table gave him. The handsome stranger shifted his body toward me with his arm tossed casually behind me on the booth. He even smelled good.

I twisted my body slightly to face him, enjoying our easy natural chemistry. “We were meant to meet tonight.”

“Really? Tell me why?

“You walked in right when I’d lost a stupid drinking game. The loser had to ask the next person who walked through the door for a date.”

I could see my reflection in his brown eyes as he asked, “So not because it was love at first sight?”

“Well, aren’t you forward?”

“When it comes to something I want.” His gaze lingered on my mouth.  “Admit it was love at first sight.”

“Not a believer in love at first sight. Maybe like or lust. Besides, you don’t even know my name.”

“Doesn’t matter. When you smiled at me with those damn kissable lips of yours, that was enough.”

To stop from grinning like an idiot from his smooth talk, I bit my lip. “You are charming.”

“I am that.”

I clapped once. “Love a man who can brag on himself.”

“And I love a woman confident enough to walk up to me and ask me out.”

“Well, I didn’t quite ask you out. I asked if you and your friends wanted to join us. You took it upon yourself to separate me from the group. “

“Was it not your intention to ask me out?”

“I had to choose one of you. Again, you volunteered.”

“I let you out of your misery, you couldn’t stop staring.”

I scoffed. “Excuse me. That would be you who stopped breathing the minute you saw me.”

The vibrations of his deep throaty chuckle traveled my body. “You caught that?”

“I’m surprised you admitted it.”

Shrugging his broad shoulders, he smiled. “No shame in my game.”

“Yes.” Pumping my fist halfway in the air, I announced, “Admitting that you’re just playing games with me.”

“I already enjoy talking to you…you have a quick comeback for everything I say.”

“Let the record reflect, you didn’t deny that you’re toying with me.”

Leaning closer, he kissed my neck slowly and deliciously before backing up, watching me. “I might be. Want to play?”

Neck still tingling from the deft touch of his lips, I quietly assessed his handsome features uncaring that he probably had a woman. He was too fine, well-spoken, charismatic, and -judging from the Cartier watch on his wrist -of means, to not have a woman somewhere eager for his attention. Right now, he only had sexy bedroom eyes for me, and my panties had been slick since he grabbed my hand. “I might. Name’s Royalty.”

Pleased by my response, he raised one thick dark brow repeating my name, his pronunciation rolling seductively off his tongue. Finally, he gave me his. “Devin.”

Devin and Royalty will be seen again in Unforgettable Man

If you were Royalty, would you have joined Devin alone at a table or insisted he join you and your friends at the bar?

Have you ever felt instant chemistry with someone?

Would you ever be bold enough to ask a group of men to join you and your friends as Royalty did?

Have you ever asked a man out on a date? Or do you believe only men should do the asking?

***Devin and Royalty were first introduced in Unforgettable Kiss***

***Zoe and Paula were first introduced in the Endgame***

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8 thoughts on “Wednesday Writing Prompt May 6

  1. This encounter was so hot I felt the booth start to burn. Yes I would have joined him in that booth at least he did not want to take her out of the restaurant. Yes I have felt instant chemistry with someone. In my younger days perhaps I would have invited a group of men to join me and my friends. In fact, I believe I did do just that at the Cheetah in Manhattan years, years, years ago LOL. No I have never been bold enough to ask a man out on a date though, I must have drawn the line there.


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