Spring Blossoms Teaser

Title: Spring Blossoms

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance

Trope: Workplace romance/Boss

Series: A Love for All Seasons, Book 3

Standalone: Yes


When the one you love to hate is the one…
Believing that lasting love is damn near impossible, the fiercely independent Spring Locke has always preferred sex without complications over commitment. Considered the wild, irresponsible, and selfish one in her family, in her career she is the complete opposite. As a human resources specialist, Spring is dedicated and destined for promotion until there is a merger and she is forced to adjust to a new supervisor. From their very first meeting, Miles Davenport is infuriating, arrogant, demanding, uptight and so not her type.  Yet Spring finds herself insanely attracted to her single, handsome, and aloof boss.  Confident in her ability to get any man she wants Miles becomes her challenge.  When he finally succumbs to Spring’s irresistibly tempting charms, she is unprepared for the deep, emotional connection that Miles evokes within her and the love he expects from her.  And for once Spring wants to give a man her all.  Except she has unshared truths from her past that threaten the very love that she now desires. 


“Spring…what are you up to? Please, no drama.”

“Nothing. I got to finish some reports this weekend, and I need to ask Miles a question, so I don’t bug him over the weekend.” 

“Spring, you’re sitting over there, pissed, and we both know why.”


She snuck a furtive glance at Romel. “You’re upset about Miles.”

I shrugged. “Not true. Need to ask him something.”

“What are you really planning to do? The question asked and answered. Miles is seeing someone.”

“Like I care.” I slid away from the table and sauntered in between the undulating bodies intent on getting Miles alone. Though he held another woman in his arms, he watched me steadily approach from across the grass.

Ignoring the scowl from Kim as I neared them, I tiptoed to whisper in his ear over the music. “I need you for a minute. It’s important.”

He frowned. “What?”

Without another word, I walked past him, sure he would follow. I led him to the back of one of the food trucks nearest to the office building out of sight of people. Once he stood in front of me expectantly, I exploded, “How dare you show up here with that woman?”

Miles folded his arms and laughed sarcastically. “You pulled me away for this?”

“Yes. You’re playing games with me.”

Miles stepped closer. “I’m the one playing games? You barely tolerate me at work. And just because tonight you decide you want me…I’m supposed to be all up on you?”

“Admit you want me too.”

“Why are we discussing this? We work together. That’s it.”

“Why do you keep staring at me?”

He defended. “Because you’ve been staring at me all night.”

“You knew you were planning to come here tonight and didn’t think to mention it to me all day?”

“I’m so sorry Locke, that my whole day was so busy that I didn’t take the time to tell you I changed my mind.” Miles’ words dripped with sarcasm.

I moved closer to him until I had to tilt my head back to see into his face. “I’m not crazy, Miles. I know when a man wants me. Why would you bring another woman to an event I invited you on my birthday if you’re not playing games?”

Miles shrugged. “This whole jealousy bit is played, especially because you have a man.”

“He’s not my man.”

He almost yelled, “Does he know that? He’s definitely making it crystal that you belong to him.”

“Well, …he’s not my man. I don’t even want a relationship. We’re just kicking it.”

“And Kim and I are just ‘kicking it’. So why are you coming at me, as if I did something wrong? I don’t owe you.”

“Because you told me you didn’t want to come tonight, and then you invited her.” 

“She has a name.”

Maybe because I had too many beers, I responded, “Like I give a good goddamn.”

Miles’ brown eyes flashed. “So, you and I are clear. I wanted to come here tonight…just not with you.”

His words were a scorpion’s sting, and I snapped, “Fuck you.” 

Before I could storm away, he pulled me to him and grabbed my face in his hands. “This is why I didn’t want to come here tonight with you.” Miles then lowered his head to kiss the fuck out of me. His lips consumed mine, and I could barely keep up with his frenzied, angry kiss. He pushed me against the back of the food truck and snatched my dress above my hips to caress my thigh, edging dangerously close to my thong. The fire between us so consuming I clung to his neck, too afraid my legs couldn’t hold me up. 

His other hand squeezed my breast before rubbing back and forth across my erect bud. My soaking pussy throbbed almost painfully, anticipating the invasion of his hard dick that pressed against my stomach. His fingers slipped inside the lace and began stroking my engorged clit. He whispered against my mouth, “Why are you so wet and ready for me?”

I breathed his name, and he…he froze. 

“I’m sorry. Sorry. Please forgive me. I shouldn’t have touched you. Kissed you.” 

I dropped my arms confused as he backed away from me, hands balled into fists, pleading with his eyes before hurrying away.

After pushing my dress back down, I hugged myself, trying to gain the strength to not cry, to not curse him, or run after him and beg him to take me out of this sexual frustration misery. It had become increasingly hard to be in his presence and not want to touch him, be with him desperately. With that mind-blowing passionate kiss we just shared, I feared it would be impossible.

Be one of the first to find out what happens next when Spring Blossoms releases August 7, 2020.



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