Chapter 3

I used to be out there wild when I was in college, between being the Student Government President, the head of my fraternity, and star on the track team, I had my pick of women. We would have wild parties and the women would let me have my way. Once I met Kam, I became a different man, settled, more like my father who had been in love with my mother since forever. Until my separation, I’d remained that way, a one-woman man. Once Kam left, I’d been involved in casual sexual relationships. Nothing serious, just dinner and late-night fun. I kept condoms in my wallet, my bedside table, and my glove compartment. Always prepared and no time for diseases. But tonight, after the hurt I’d been experiencing since yesterday morning when my mother called about Kari and Kam, I needed to fuck in the worst way. The kind of sex that left me and the lucky woman sore, unable to walk type of sex. Dirty, nasty, raunchy sex, when the woman doesn’t care where I put my dick or doesn’t mind if I call her names that I would never call a woman in the light of day. And the pretty, willing lady smiling in my face, who just happened to be my brother’s ex had no compunctions about being that woman if only for one night.

“Ladies and gent if you will excuse me, I need to head home so I can catch the rest of this game.” Jamal stood to his impressive height and Leela’s friend turned her sexual energy toward him.

“I hope we didn’t run you off.” The curvaceous woman with braids that touched her ass, sauntered to him, smiled, and touched his forearm. “Don’t believe we’ve been introduced.”

Jamal whistled under his breath. “We haven’t and if I want to keep my wife, it’ll stay that way.” I laughed internally at her disappointed face. My cousin believed in being faithful, and while I’d been married I did too. Except for the few times I’d backslid with my ex-girlfriend and mother of my son during the first year of my marriage. I watched with amusement as he gently removed her hand and then bumped my fists. He then nodded at Leela who hadn’t moved from her position between my legs. “Please. Don’t let me ruin your fun.”

I said, “I’ll call you later.”

With a sly grin, he promised, “Oh, I’ll be anxiously awaiting your call.” Jamal then placed his Wizards cap back over his bald head and waved bye before leaving the sports bar.

I turned my attention back to Leela and gestured to her arms around my neck. “You think I can get up?”

“I know you won’t have any problems getting up?” Her lips curved into a wicked smile.

Shaking my head, my dick getting harder by the minute at her boldness, I asked, “You are naughty, aren’t you?”

“Even naughtier for the right man.”

I reached behind my neck and removed her hands, though I held on to her right one as she backed up enough for me to step down off the stool. I looked at her friend. “Leela is being rude to her beautiful friend…I’m Aaron.” I held my arm out for her friend to take.

She was taller than Leela and curvier, more my body type than the petite Leela, and she wrapped her arm around mine with a giggle. “Kiki.”

I looked down into her light brown eyes and flirted. “I hope you’re okay hanging out with us while two old friends get re-acquainted.”

Kiki nodded and I led them to an empty private booth still in the bar area since this part of the restaurant was self-seating. Kiki sat across from me and Leela, who placed a possessive hand on my thigh that I allowed as I ordered the ladies and myself drinks. I didn’t bother with appetizers, they both seemed too consumed with eating healthy to indulge in all the high caloric and fatty foods the bar only offered.

I asked Leela, “So what brings you back to DC?” I’d been the one who contacted her to tell of Kari’s “death” and she had been in Atlanta at that time. Although they had been broken up for a few months, I could hear her shocked painful sobbing. I also heard the love and relief in her voice, when I called to tell her that he had survived. She’d asked if I knew if Kari planned to call her and I answered her as honestly as I could that I had no idea what he would do.

“I travel here quite often.” A slight frown settled around her pretty features. “I’d received another publicist job offer a week after Kari and I broke up because at the time I thought we were relocating up here together. It’s an up and coming fashion line that is based in Atlanta and DC. Kiki is one of their models and since I’m in town for the next few days, she invited me to hang out. Imagine my surprise to see one sexy, Aaron Youngblood sitting across the bar from me.” She squeezed my thigh, her hand one inch from my penis that I’d been controlling for the most part.

“It is a small world.” The waitress served our drinks. They’d ordered martinis and I ordered a Moscow mule. I’d already had two beers and I never been much a drinker and admittedly my alcohol consumption had increased since my divorce. “Never thought I would see you again.”

She smiled. “I’d always wanted to. You left quite an impression on me.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Really?” I thought she was a beautiful woman, but I couldn’t say she was actually memorable. I believed my brother could do better and I guess he did, I thought soberly. I gulped down my drink.

“Why are you drinking so fast, are you doing something after this?”

I looked at her and Kiki who had been quietly enthralled in our conversation. I wondered if she knew how Leela and I knew each other. “Do you know how we met?”

She responded, “No, I assumed you’re an old fling.”

I laughed a little too loudly and turned to Leela. “Should I tell her, or do you want the honors?”

Leela arched a perfectly drawn on brow. “She knows my bastard of an ex-fiancé ended our relationship the weekend we were supposed to move up here.”

Feeling the effects of the alcohol, I said with a smile and took a sip out of Leela’s glass. “Apparently her ex fell in love with my wife while they were both with Leela and I, and now they’re getting married.”

Leela gasped. “Getting married?”

Kiki said. “That’s really fucked up.”

I added. “No…no…no…the most fucked up part about it, is her ex is my brother. Not my best friend, my cousin or even my stepbrother, my very own little brother.”

Mouth gaped open, Kiki stared at me and then Leela. “Are you fucking serious?”

I draped my arm around Leela and kissed her temple. “To answer both of your questions I am so fucking serious and there’s no place I’d rather be than with two gorgeous women tonight.”

Leela looked up at me her eyes still holding on to hurt. “I didn’t know that they had really gotten together. So, you’re not married to Kam anymore?”

“I assumed you knew that based on how you were all up on me at the bar,”

She shook her head. “I thought you were still married, and I wanted a revenge fuck against Kam and because Kari hated that I admired you.”

“Revenge fuck?” I let the words linger on my tongue as I shifted slightly so that tips of her fingers that still rested on my thigh could feel my awakened dick. “I like the sound of that, at least the fucking part.”

Leela’s expression changed to want when she felt my erection and she gazed at my lips. “He hated that I loved that you were certain what you wanted, that you had a take charge, a do whatever it takes man. Like I’m sure you really want to do me, right now.”

I smiled and glanced at Kiki, who’s eyes were now half-lidded with lust and her nipples peaked through the thin material of her dress. “You think I should fuck Leela?”

Leela kissed my neck and her hand began to squeeze my hardness. She cooed, “You just seemed so much stronger than him.”

“He’s strong, too,” I defended automatically though I allowed her hands to do their magic. I could talk about Kari. No one else could.

She looked up at me. “Oh…I’m surprised you still defend him after what he did to you.”

I waved my hand dismissively. “I’m over that. They can have each other.”

Leela’s hand stop massaging me, though she continued to lean into me. “Really? It doesn’t bother you that they fucked in your house while you were out of town and I was sleeping upstairs? That they fucking did that shit to us right under our noses.”

I shrugged. “If that’s true, then why did you stay with Kari, get engaged to him?”

“Because I only suspected something happened but couldn’t prove it. Once the asshole slipped up and said that he had feelings for her, I put two and two together. That first night you were gone, I woke up to an empty bed and when Kari came back in the room, I could smell her on him. And he refused to have sex with me, though he was hard as a rock. Then he picked a fight with me when we stayed at the hotel and didn’t return for a long time, once again I could smell her perfume.”

I lifted my arm, downed Leela’s drink, hating now that I encouraged a conversation. I always suspected they had had sex in our home but to have evidence added another layer of betrayal when I had begun to have thoughts of relenting and calling Kari. “Well the damage is done and now they’re blissfully together.” I pulled out my wallet and a two twenties. “I would say it was nice talking to you…”

She grabbed my wrist when I tried to stand. “Aaron, come on…I didn’t mean to ruin the night. “

“You didn’t.”

“Then why are you leaving?”

Before I could respond, Kiki, leaned over the table, grabbed my chin, and slipped her tongue in my mouth, and carnal lust resurfaced and replaced any negative emotions. I cupped her face and deepened the kiss until I heard her soft panting. I pulled back.

Kiki’s gaze remained on my lips as she spoke, “To answer your question, I think you should fuck me.”

My response swift, I asked, “Your place or a hotel?”

“I don’t live far.”

I looked back at a pissed Leela. “Come on.”

She tried to stop the curve of her lips unsuccessfully. “You better fuck me first.”

“Depends if you want me to hit it quick or slow.” I kissed her attractive pouty mouth that would look so perfect around my dick. “I last longer after I get my first nut.”


Kiki’s huge bed had been made for the kinkiness we had been doing for the past hour. I’d already fucked Kiki in the bed, against the dresser, the wall, and the carpet. I stroked like I was auditioning for a role in a porn flick. Loving the power that surged within at their willingness to be submissive to me, I’d been generous in my kisses, my touches, my ever-ready dick. She finally screamed my name when I had her face deep in her plush gray carpet, her braids twisted in my fists, pounding her mercilessly, slapping her surgically enhanced plump ass hard. All the while Leela held on to my waist, pressing her breasts against my lower back, massaging my balls with one hand.

After she climaxed, Kiki didn’t move, eyes closed, exhausted from the strenuous lovemaking. I still had a lot of pent up emotions and energy to fuck even longer. I picked Leela up deftly, tongue down her throat as I strode to the bathroom to remove my condom and flush it. I placed her on the sink wrapping her legs around my waist, as I jerked her head back, sucking and licking the curve of her neck. She cupped her own small breasts and pressed them together so I could ravage them uncaring about the sensitivity of her hardened buds.  After sucking one of her nipples until it was blotchy, I bit it and she dragged her long manicured nails against my back, both of us wincing but embracing the pain. I whispered against her lips, “Suck me.”

Her eyes drugged with lust, Leela barely nodded before I lifted and turned her upside down in my arms, her brown and blonde hair hanging down almost to the floor. Surprised by my strength, she squealed as her thighs instinctively clutched my neck, and she grabbed my legs, my erect penis teasing her face. Leela enthusiastically took me in her mouth. I squeezed her ass to me and licked her sweet clit in between my own loud moans at her ability to take all my engorged stick to the back of her throat without gagging. Blood rushing to her head didn’t stop the bobbing of her head, determined to swallow my cum. Levering my body against the sink for balance, I began to fuck her mouth, and like a champ she gripped me until the pulsating sensation flowed through and out of me. My lower body spasmed until she sucked me dry. She pressed her hands on the floor and I eased her legs down until she was bent over ready to be punished by my dick.

“Shit, you already ready?” I leaned against the sink, stroking my semi-erection to full.

She looked up at me and wiggled her fine ass. “You promised me if I went second, you would go long and hard.”

“If that’s what you want.” I picked up one of the gold-wrapped condoms that Kiki had been so gracious to place throughout her bedroom and bathroom.

Kiki now stood in the doorway of the large bathroom nude, eager to watch us.

I quietly demanded, “Touch yourself.”

Her hand traveled across her stiff nipples, her taut abs, and snaked down into her waxed mound. She began to rub faster as I pulled Leela’s rear higher, and positioned myself so that I squatted over her, going at her pussy from a different angle, the intensity of my thrusting causing Leela to grunt with every pump. She had such a lithe, limber body, I took her in different positions, her hips willingly meeting every furious stroke.

I eventually moved her around until she ended up on top of me backwards. Leela’s bottom slapping against my body and Kiki’s sex noises spurred my erotic fervor and I started fingerfucking her ass, feeling her body tremble uncontrollably while she continued to bounce up and down my hard pulsating dick until she suddenly arched her back deeply and yelled expletives.  Still pumping getting ever closer to my own sexual pinnacle, her slick walls began to quiver again and she whimpered helpless to stop as another wave of pleasure hit her the moment, I exploded inside of her. She fell backwards on top of me and Kiki slid down the door to the floor, while I laid in the middle of a bathroom wondering how my night hanging out with my cousin ended with me not only having a menage a trois, but with my brother’s ex.

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  1. Omg 🤣😄😂, that was too wild lol. And I’m feeling antsy about him using someone else’s protection because you are known to be messy yourself 😄😄😄.


    1. I love the comments! Just giving you a head’s up, the chapters end after 12 because this story will be revised and released later this year in it’s entirety…


  2. You are good…Always love comments from readers! I hadn’t had anyone respond in so long, I wanted to be sure you weren’t caught off guard when it ended…


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