Chapter 7

Rushing through the doors of the florist to at least buy flowers for Kam, much to my chagrin the beautiful Valentine’s specific bouquets had already been picked over and only the usual arrangements remained. I chose a dozen white roses in a crystal glass vase, that Kam would most definitely use later for décor. She’d been amazing at making our house a home and I couldn’t have chosen a better wife. My friends had teased me and thought I was rushing into marriage, but I knew she was the one with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I grew up in a household where my father adored my mother. Even during their arguments, I’d never feared like some of my friends’ parents, that they would ever get divorced. Divorce was unfathomable for my parents, their love had and will always be that deep. I would catch my father popping my mother on her behind and she would playfully tell him to stop. Or whenever they sat together, inevitably my mother would rest her head on his shoulders and he would smile. I remembered being comforted by their unconditional love for one another and wondered why they didn’t seem to have it for their sons.

My parents, though the most successful of their respective families of origin, came from upper-middle-class families. My grandfather on my father’s side had been an Economic professor, my grandmother, a history professor at Howard University. Pops, my maternal grandfather owned and managed a popular soul food restaurant in Silver Springs. My parents had achieved even more than their families and they held a higher expectation for me and Kari. Once we were in middle school, we were not allowed to come home with anything less than a high “B”, if we did, we would be grounded. If we struggled in a subject, they would pay for a tutor. We were always well-groomed, bi-weekly haircuts, the best clothes, and shoes. Whatever activity we chose to participate in, we had only one chance to prove that we could excel, if not our parents would choose another activity. I loved basketball more than track and field, but I was better at running. My father made me choose running because it was the best chance of me being successful. He’d wanted me to follow in his footsteps and become a doctor. Although I did excel in the Sciences, I had no interest in pursuing medical school. I had inherited Pops’ entrepreneurial spirit and wanted to focus on business in college. Kari was even better than me in the Sciences, but he didn’t have the desire or disposition to be a doctor. He preferred the solitude of being a chemical engineer.

My father would brag about his life to me whenever he and I would go fishing in his boat. He would talk about how he had achieved a lot at a young age, finishing medical school, marrying my mother, being one of the best cardiologists in the country, and having two gifted sons. He would tell me about the importance of choosing the right mate, the right woman who would challenge and uplift me all while holding the family down. That she should fit perfectly on my arm as I navigated social and business circles. I don’t think I really thought about my father’s advice on women until Kam. And everything he had ever taught me about women came rushing back and I married her.

Unfortunately, my father never taught me how to hold on to a woman, how to refrain from making mistakes that could jeopardize your union with your woman. He never told me how to make things right with your woman, because he’d never made monumental mistakes with my mother. As much as I loved my father, he wasn’t the man I could go to and get advice about women, especially on the best way to handle having a baby with a woman who wasn’t your wife. He would lecture me and shame me about my choices. My mother would be upset about the woman carrying my child. She would never accept Vonni as a daughter-in-law, which is why I never considered Vonni seriously though I did love her. They loved and adored Kam and would be even angrier at me for ever hurting her. I might be a grown man, but I still wilted under the disappointment of my parents.

I pulled up into the driveway of our townhome and rested my head against the steering wheel afraid to face Kam and tell her that I’d made no plans for Valentine’s Day. I heard a ping from my cell, and I picked it up. It was Vonni.

I bet you’re not disappointed that the baby is not coming today. I thought you would have at least wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day. Too busy worried about your wife and making sure she happy, you don’t care about me at all.

Sighing, I texted back.

If you must know I forgot today was Valentine’s. I do care about you, but we are not a couple so there’s no reason for me to acknowledge this day with you.

I don’t understand how you can marry her after knowing you were having a child with me? I waited for your ass for years and you go off and marry another woman.

I wanted to smash my phone in frustration. Instead, I put my phone on silence, not wanting to hear for the millionth time how hurt she’d been and still is about my steadfast decision to be with Kam. Vonni strongly believed that if Kam hadn’t been in the picture, we would be together. Quite honestly, I would’ve tried to be with Vonni again for the sake of the baby and to shut Vonni’s mouth, but ultimately, we wouldn’t have worked. I needed a woman who matched my drive and she just didn’t.

I reluctantly slid out of my Beamer that had been a college graduation gift from my parents. It was already after seven and I had been gone all day with classes and then picking Kari up from the airport and dropping him off at the hotel. I opened the door and a grin spread across my face at the savory aromas of Italian cooking and the sounds of Bed by J Holiday. I headed for the small kitchen with a pep in my step. Our townhome was small, but it was all we could afford and more importantly, it was ours. I hid the roses behind my back, ready to plead for forgiveness for not doing anything special for Valentine’s.

Kam had her curly hair straightened, and it flowed down over her cleavage that peeked from her sexy black lace lingerie as she stirred sauce on the stove. My dick immediately snapped to life at seeing my sexy wife wearing barely anything and heels in the kitchen making dinner. Before I could say anything, she gave a smile as bright as the sun in April, happy to see me. “Please say you haven’t made big plans. I figured you didn’t since you didn’t call and tell me to get ready.”

“No, and I’m sorry, I wanted to do something really nice for our first Valentine’s as a married couple, but school so crazy right now. Maybe this weekend we can do something.”

Kam shook her head. “Aaron, you know I don’t care about all that. All I need is you.” She put the spoon on the stove and sauntered to where I stood with sex and me on her mind. Wrapping her arms around my neck, she pressed her breasts against my chest. “I missed you.”

“Me too.” I lowered my head and brushed her red-stained lips with mine. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mrs. Youngblood.” I presented the bouquet to her.

“Thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Mr. Youngblood.” Her eyes danced with appreciation as she removed her arms to pull one rose out and placed the vase on the counter. “And this is for you.”

I took it and held it against my heart. “Awww. How did you ever know that I love white roses?”

She tapped the side of her head with her index finger. “You didn’t know I could read minds.”

“One more skill to add to your growing lists of talents. How did I get so lucky?” Using the rose, I slowly traced the top of her caramel brown breasts. Her breath quickened, and her eyes darkened in desire as I bent to taste her lips again. “You also must have a special talent for knowing when I want to fuck.”

“You always want to fuck.” She laughed, tossed the rose on the counter, and reached for the ends of my sweater as she pushed me back against the table. I raised my arms so she could pull my sweater over my head. Kam slowly rained kisses on my naked chest as she lowered herself to her knees, pushing my sweats and underwear down over my ass, and licking the tip of my erection. She then stood and I watched curiously, hard as fuck, while she turned off the stove and brought the pot to the table.

Kam tasted the spoon of red sauce. “Umm…good.” She then placed the spoon against my mouth, and I flicked the sauce to humor her wanting nothing more to impale her with my dick. “Good, right?”

I nodded. The sauce was indeed delicious.

“I just need to add one more spice.” She scooped another spoonful and dropped in front of me and I gasped at the feel of the very warm sauce on my dick.

I moaned, “Shit, Kam. It’s hot.”

She only smiled and inhaled my dick like a hoover vacuum. My hands ran through her silky strands as her head bobbed back and forth, savoring me and her recipe. Kam might be a lady in the streets, but she was definitely a freak in the bedroom. There was nothing more erotically powerful than seeing your woman on her knees serving you like she was doing to me right now. I closed my eyes relishing at the squeeze of her slick mouth, that knew my penis well. She loved giving me blow jobs, but tonight with the sauce was a special touch. I took the spoon and drizzled more on my thick flesh while she continued to slurp back and forth until I grew even harder.

Wanting to bust a nut deep inside of her, I tapped the back of her head and she looked up at me still indulging on me. I caressed the bottom of her chin. “It’s your turn to scream.”

I pushed the pot over and lifted her on the table, snatching her lace panties over her hips and down her legs, desperately hungry to taste her honey pot. Moving her to the edge of the table, I crouched until my mouth became level to her pussy and I grazed her clit with my teeth. Kam wrapped her legs around my neck as I ate her completely and thoroughly until she bucked wildly against my mouth. I lapped up all her juices before standing to my full over six-foot height and raised her ass enough to thrust deep inside, unwilling to give her body a rest. Kam leaned back on her elbows, eyes closed, whimpering with every pump, allowing me to do whatever I wanted to her beautiful body. Trusting me completely to never hurt her. Except that was what I did every day that passed, that I didn’t tell her the truth.

Moving slowly in and out of her slick, engorged walls, I whispered, “Look at me, Kam.”

She opened her eyes, still drowsy with lust.

I pushed back her hair and cupped her face. “I love you and I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but there are things about me…I’m not a perfect man.”

She held on to me tighter, circling her hips, urging me to move faster. “I know that.”

I stilled my undulations. “Please, let me finish…I don’t ever want to lose you.”

Kam shook her head, wariness in her expression. “I don’t want to lose you either, so whatever you want to tell me, tell me another time, okay? Right now, I just want to make love to my husband and enjoy our first Valentine’s Day as your wife.” She then pushed down her top, freeing her breasts, her stiff wine nipples aching for my attention.

Feeling a burst of energy at Kam’s permission to confess later, I suckled her sweet, plump orbs, while I stroked long and hard until her eyes rolled back in utter sexual satisfaction. The need to burst my seed deep within her spiraled to its pinnacle when she screamed and I fucked faster and faster until I ejaculated furiously into my wife, wishing for the millionth time it was she, I impregnated. That I didn’t have another woman championing for my heart.


Two days later, with Kari by my side, I held Dominick Aaron Youngblood for the first time. I cradled his small, soft body to me and stared into his sleeping brown face that already looked like mine. Blinking back tears, I then leaned down to kiss Vonni’s forehead. “You did good.”

“Yes, I did.” She beamed and kissed my lips before I straightened back up, exhaustion, and love seeping through her pores. “He’s beautiful, isn’t he?”

“He is.” I gazed into her dreamy eyes trying to assuage the overwhelming guilt that I couldn’t give her the family she and my son deserved and promised, “The three of us are going to have the best life.” My words mirrored what my mother told me when she first introduced me to Kari shortly after his birth.

Vonni’s smile widened and she touched the top of our son’s head. “We will.”

I glanced back at Kari who gave a slight shake of disapproval with his head.

Present Day

Hot water rained over me as I held on to the walls of the shower. His disapproval. Kari’s disapproval. He’d pleaded with me, even threatened me over the years to tell Kam about Dominick. He had often been an unwilling accomplice in my lies and knew firsthand about the double life I’d led. He knew I loved two women, though I loved one more than the other. He would say that I didn’t deserve Kam and I thought he felt that way out of familial duty and rightness. I never realized that he had been protective over her because he wanted her for himself all these years. That he believed he would treat her better. That he believed he could love Kam better than me. I punched the wall, welcoming the pain that coursed through my fist and arm. My brother who I trusted more than anyone else with the truth used it against me to justify his actions. Kari pursued my wife because he didn’t believe I ever really loved her. 

One thought on “Chapter 7

  1. So Aaron is technically blaming his father for not knowing how to keep a woman? He didn’t bother to look at how he treated his mother to know the answer to that. I don’t care how many excuses Aaron can pull out of his ass, but keeping Dominick a secret for TEN years is shameful and disgusting of him. He chose his image over his own child. I don’t care what nobody says, you can’t be that good or active of a father to keep your child away from your family because you’re “scared” you may lose your wife. Aaron held Kam hostage for ten years because of his lies. You would think he would be the best husband there ever was but he was subpar at best. He couldn’t even make hiding his son worth it. Let me go to next chapter. Smh once again.


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