If you’re not a member of The Love Noters Lounge, it’s not too late to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/204678854179191

CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE LOVE NOTERS LOUNGE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/204678854179191

I hope you join me in The Love Noters Lounge this THURSDAY at 7PM CST for a special Holiday book discussion featuring Unforgettable Man and readers can share how you really feel about Devin and Royalty!! Did Devin deserve a second chance? Is there ever a time a woman should keep a baby from his or her father? Whether you thought Ryder seemed too mature for his age? And what about Tre’s and Devin’s friendship? And is Devin Toussaint really an “Unforgettable Man”? There will be opportunities to play games and win prizes and gifts just for participating! Even if you can’t make it for 7pm CST, the posts will stay up much longer.

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