Cover Reveal


The Other Side of the Game Sneak Peek

A white Porsche gleamed in the middle of the circular driveway in front of a brick and glass mansion.  I stepped out of my own white Mercedes coupe and walked up to the massive walnut double doors.  Once one of the doors opened, all I could see was an expansion of brown muscles. When I valiantly dragged my hungry gaze to his face, Zeke Powers held a beer bottle, wearing only low-slung gray sweatpants and a frown.

“Umm… I’m Jade Maxwell…I..”

“Not in the mood…” he said rudely, then as an afterthought, he leisurely perused my body from head to toe and seemed to reconsider. “Or maybe you can get me in the mood.”

“Excuse me?” Who the fuck did he think I was?

Zeke took another swig of his beer. Admittedly the way he leaned against his door was way too sexy for a business meeting. Never realized watching a man’s Adam’s apple move while he drank would be such a turn-on.  Zeke raised a thick brow and said with a hint of irritation, “You want to come inside or not?”

Unsure of his mercurial mood, I held tighter to my purse on my shoulder. “I do, but if this isn’t the right time, I can schedule another meeting.”

Zeke’s deep chuckle coursed straight to my sex, and my stomach tightened as he stepped back and held his door open. “I always make time for beautiful women.”

Heat rose between us when I walked past him into his home.  He followed a little too close to comfort as I walked through his massive entryway. “Is Brad here yet?”

“Mmm…” Zeke murmured from behind my ear, and my panties were already wet at the sensual sound.

Realizing I needed to focus on my job since I never mix pleasure and business, I stopped walking and quickly turned around.  Zeke bumped into me, and his strong arms automatically encircled me. I was face to face with his mocha, impossibly muscled chest. I looked up into his bent, handsome, amused face.  

His arms tightened around me, pressing me into him, the coldness of his beer bottle against my lower back, and he whispered, “You smell good. I’ve had a hell of a night, but right now, nothing else matters.”

Heady sensations assailed me, and I struggled to stay afloat. I’m not a believer of lust at first sight and had never had a one-night stand. Yet, this man had me wanting to slide off my panties and bend over within seconds of opening his door. I became hyper-focused on his lips, lips that could do damage to my soul. When he licked his lips, I knew I was one second from losing it all. I placed my hands on his chest, and I immediately realized my mistake. His skin was so fucking smooth, I wanted to keep rubbing it. “Shit.”

“My sentiments exactly.” Zeke smiled wickedly.

I shut my eyes, needing to gain my common senses. “Mr. Powers, I think there’s a misunderstanding.”

I felt a soft kiss on my neck near my ear. “I don’t think so.”

Instead of backing away, I allowed him to place another kiss on my neck. “Who do you think I am?”

“A sexy ass woman I plan to get to know better,” Zeke mumbled against my neck. “What’s this scent?”

“Umm…The One.”

“The One? I like that.” Zeke’s lips grazed my cheek, inching ever so closer to my mouth. “Right now, you’re definitely the one.”

Temptation was a motherfucking bitch. But I needed this job, and sleeping with my new client, a hot head, party boy, was definitely not the answer.  I finally gained the strength to move my head and neck from his mouth. He grunted his disapproval. I opened my eyes and hit his chest with my fist hard enough for him to let me go. “I’m here to be of service, not to serve you.”

Zeke dropped his arms, backing up with a frown. “Who are you? You mentioned something about Brad?”

“Yes, I was supposed to meet Brad here.”

He rubbed his ripped abs seemingly absentmindedly, drawing attention to his semi-erect dick imprint in his gray sweatpants, distracting me yet again. “Brad? I fired him.”

“Fired him. When? He just hired me yesterday.” I hurriedly opened my Chanel bag and grabbed my cell. I looked at the two missed calls from Brad. Damn.

Zeke gulped down the rest of his beer and strode into his great room. “What did he hire you for?”

Stunned, I remained standing in place. Had I lost the most significant opportunity of my career before it even started? “To be your publicist. He said you needed to clean up your image and thought I could handle…work with you,” I corrected.

He shot a look at me and said, wryly, “Handle me? Now that’s fucking real. I was one second from lifting your dress and going down on you.”

Didn’t I just say his lips would do serious damage?

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