One Night Pass Teaser

I moved to the nook and sat at the crystal glass table, wanting to quickly switch into the heels before anyone saw me. My feet may be dead after tonight, but I figured working behind the bar at some point, I could get comfortable and take off my shoes and continue to serve. I’d just taken off my slippers when Michael walked in the kitchen, even more handsome than earlier at the reception. He now wore black slacks and a long-sleeved wine-colored shirt with the tinniest of polka dots. A thick gold rope chain gleamed against his chocolate brown skin. His half-unbuttoned shirt hinted at his defined pecs. “I was hoping you were here…wow…you look good.” He gave me an appreciative glance, and he hadn’t yet seen me standing up in all my glory.

“Thank you…sorry, just changing shoes. I didn’t want to kill myself on the way to the main house trying to walk in these heels.” I looked up at him as he walked closer to me, trying to keep my focus on his face and not his body. “I’m heading to the party in a sec. How can I help you?”

Instead of answering me, he kneeled on the floor and picked up my foot in one hand. I controlled my surprised gasp that threatened to squeeze past my lips and gazed in wonder at the top of Michael’s wavy head of hair as he slowly placed my shoe on my right foot and tied the buckle around my ankle. He then paused a beat before he did the same to my other foot. This time he gently caressed my calf before his gaze moved leisurely up my body to my face. “My parties are very erotic. If at any point you become uncomfortable tonight, let me know, and I’ll relieve you of your duties for tonight, no questions asked.”

I nodded.  Uncertain I could speak even if I tried.

“Or if you want to join in…” he added as he rose to a standing position with not even a hint of a smile. “It can only be with me.”  

This time I didn’t nod and simply stared in disbelief at what had just transpired between us and that he’d made it clear that he wanted me. Michael then turned and walked out of the room as quietly as he’d entered. I glanced down at my ring, wondering if I would survive the biggest temptation of my life and if I even wanted to.  



The love of my life just asked me to marry him.
I should be the happiest woman in the world.
I can’t forget that he cheated on me.
How does he get to have me as a prize when he took my love for granted?
My mama says I should let it go and just be happy because men will be men.
Using that logic, women should be women and act on our carnal desires and impulses.
Even if we hurt the men who love us.
That’s what men have been doing for ages.
While women are expected to forgive and continue to love them no matter what.
Maybe I don’t want to just forgive.
Maybe I want to get even.
Today I met NFL star, Michael Carson, this sinfully delicious man who only wants one night with me.
And maybe it’s time for a little poetic justice before I get to my happily ever after…


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2 thoughts on “One Night Pass Teaser

  1. I love this. If you’re going to stay with a cheating man, at least cheat back. And this is how you cheat back!


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