Twosday Teaser Unforgettable Love

Happy Teaser Twosday!!!

In honor of the 2-22-22 date, thought I would drop a teaser AND the Spotify playlist for Unforgettable Love, Unforgettable Series, Book 4 (releases 2-26-22)!!


I walked to the door, wondering if I should share my thoughts with Nick. Not that I didn’t trust him, we just hadn’t been in that friendship mode in years. Then again, we are rebuilding and starting anew. “Yeah. It’s Bria. No matter how hard I try….” I opened the door, and the object of my inescapable thoughts grinned devilishly with her hands behind her back. “Bria?”

She bit her lower lip as her gaze seared my bare chest. “I come in peace.”

Nick asked, “Is that Sabria?”

“Mmm. Hmmm.” I stared at Sabria, who looked positively amazing in her red cold shoulder sweater dress and black boots. She’d twisted her black faux locs so that her hair flowed over one bare shoulder. She’d even donned makeup that illuminated her natural beauty. Eyeliner emphasized her brown eyes that now sparkled like a new penny.

“Interesting. Well, let me let you go.”

My eyes never left a smiling Sabria. “Yeah…call you later so we can finish our conversation.”

“Maybe meet up for drinks.”

“Cool,” I responded while Sabria switched from foot to foot, impatiently patient.

“And tonight, do everything I would do.” I could hear the amusement in his voice.

I held my finger to Sabria and stepped back inside, closed my door, and whispered on the phone, “Do not say a word to Tresa about Bria stopping over here. I mean it, Nicholas.”

“Using my whole name, you’re serious.” He laughed. “TJ, I still got you. Peace.”


I opened the door and leaned my back against the door jamb. “Damn, Bria…you rocking that dress. Must have a hot date.”

She trailed her finger from my belly button to my waistband, dangerously close to my ever-ready d$#k. “You’re the one out here, showing the world you work out on the regular.”

“I thought you were going to let me know when you got back in town. You can’t just pop over. What if I had Iesha here? You know how insanely jealous you get.” I complained though I didn’t stop her wandering hand that cooled my warm skin.

“Good, that means she isn’t here.” She tapped my chest and walked past me inside my house…


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