For the Love of the Game is Now Available

Javier Mendez
I always thought the game saved me.
Until I met her.
With every touch, she heals me.
Her love has become my balm that I never knew I needed.
And now I’m afraid I’ll lose her.
My life. My troubles. My past may be too much
because her heart is already fractured.

Alaina Black
I hide my brokenness behind a smile,
my wounds behind my compassion.
No one knows my hurt.
My scars are not some badge of honor,
but a manifestation of my deep pain.
Meeting him brightened my world.
Yet loving him can destroy me.

On the verge of losing everything, Javier, in a drunken stupor, stumbles upon Alaina’s doorstep. The two troubled souls are destined to meet and irresistibly drawn to each other. But is the power of their love strong enough to heal their wounded hearts?

*This romance deals with sensitive subjects some may find triggering.*

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