Happy Teaser Tuesday… PREORDER ALERT!!

For those who love the Forbidden series and those who will love the series 😉… an excerpt… THE EXPERIENCE (9-9-22)

BLURB: All work and later for play has always been Nikki Wade’s motto. Until the enticingly hot yet complicated Bakari Youngblood convinces her otherwise while at a conference in Jamaica.


*This is a prequel of sorts to the Forbidden Trilogy*


“Um…as I was saying…you know one of my deepest secrets, and I don’t know your name. I’m Nikki ‘Not short for Nicole’ Wade. What’s yours?”

“Mm…that name is mad cool, and glad it’s not short for Nicole. I used to know a Nicole who stalked me.” A grin spread across his features.

Understandable. “Seriously?”

The stranger nodded solemnly. “She was crazy. Wouldn’t leave me alone after one bad date.”

“How did that end?”

“It didn’t.” At my gaped mouth, he snickered. “Naw…just playing with you. Your face was priceless. I’ve never been stalked though I know some bat shit women.”

“You’re sure you didn’t do anything to make these women crazy?” I asked, half-teasing.

To his credit, he looked down at me with a smirk. “I might have contributed.”

“Love…I mean, I like a man who takes responsibility for his actions.”

He seemed amused at my response and drawled, “And I love…I mean, I like pleasing a woman.”

I almost faltered in my steps at the double entendre. I clenched my hands to avoid gripping his bicep to maintain my balance. If I remained in his presence a moment longer, I would make a fool out of myself. This man was doing something to all my senses, including my sixth one, that he had the potential to do severe damage to my body and heart, and I had yet to hear his name. “Any reason you haven’t introduced yourself yet?”

The stranger chuckled warmly. “Sorry. Sometimes I forget the most basic of social skills. You said your name and I was supposed to follow up with mine, right?”

“That’s usually how it goes.”

“Well, then, allow me to introduce myself.” He stopped, turned to face me, and held his hand for me to shake. When I grasped his warm, strong hand, he said, “Bakari Youngblood.”

My stomach knotted at how he looked at me as he said his name, full of pride. “Bakari… a nice name too. Sounds like it has a meaning.”

“It does. Promising.” Twin indentations appeared on his cheeks.

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