Five years ago, Simone Austin walked away from Chris Alexander, the possible love of her life. Their mad chemistry still haunts her, and no other man has been able to live up to the man she left behind. Tired of being single, Simone, two of her cousins, and her best friend make a pact. They vow to be sexually fierce, completely open, and purposeful in getting what they each want from men.

Even second chances.

After a thirst-trapping pic of Simone is posted on IG, she receives plenty of male attention, including a private message from Chris. Simone can feel the heat through his words and decides to reconnect. Soon old insecurities seep in, and Simone questions if she’s too afraid to get burned again to take another risk on Chris.

**Each Lipstick Diaries can be read as a standalone.**

Readers are already saying…

“Passion and indecision mix again as these two navigate something so beautiful they themselves are wondering if they are worthy of the gift they’ve been given.”

“It’s NEVER been a time I walked away feeling incomplete. Never! Simone and Chris’ story is no different, it has everything for you to believe again, some more. Whew, Tiye can write, you hear me?!?”

“Second chance love is something we all wish for and I am so glad Simone and the ladies are willing to open their hearts again in hopes of finding the one their soul and bodies long for. Not allowing past hurts to cloud or jade their experiences the women have embarked on a sexy experience…the book was amazing!”

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