Happy Mother’s Day

Wishing my readers a Happy Mother’s Day!

Like any holiday, this day brings about joy and for some sadness. It’s a reminder of the loss of a mother, lack of a mother, bad relationship with a mother, or you haven’t been able to become a mother. Even if you are feeling the blues today, do your best to shake them off and smile. Everyone has in their life someone who is one of the best mothers (it may be you!!) and so let’s celebrate and rejoice those women today and honor those who we have lost…

Forbidden and writing

I just received Editor’s Choice for Forbidden on Romance in Color ( It was a wonderful review and made my day. I sometimes grapple with my ego when it comes to my writing, wondering if readers will enjoy. Criticism has always been hard for me. Not that I’m a perfectionist (I am one of the least organized people I know), but my writing is important to me and extremely personal. Forbidden, probably more than any of my stories past, present, and future is very taboo in regards to love. I debated whether to even publish it out of fear of what others would say. Thankfully, I was able to put my ego to the side and share. I have had fans of this story since I posted a version of it on Wattpad last year and new fans since it was released April 19 and subsequent sequels on May 3. I have to remind myself that I write for a multitude of reasons, but the main one is because it is my therapy. Whether one person or many love my stories, at the end of the day I can’t lose sight of my own purpose in writing…to teach life lessons to myself and to my readers! Take care as always and happy reading!

Faith is a hope in the unseen

Hold on pain ends (I saw this acronym and thought how fitting it is for me right now)

I haven’t written a blog in awhile because I have been going through a lot. For those who heard my podcast a few weeks ago, I discussed being a psychologist and I often use my writing to help others work on themselves and their relationships with others. Writing is my passion. It is also what I used to cope when I’m feeling down. Since the new year began, I’ve had and continue to have rough times when I’ve been unbelievably sad.

I often want to run away and start fresh, but life prevents it. Writing has always been my escape but lately because I have been revising and editing and marketing, I haven’t been able to create new thought. Right about now, I don’t feel I have an escape and I have to be both a magician and artist now and draw an imaginary world in which I can exist for a moment as I go through this valley. Honestly, I haven’t really enjoyed my Endgame Trilogy release which happened last month and this past Friday, my Forbidden release because of everything else in my life that’s going awry. I should have celebrated this weekend, and in fact no one but my followers (which are mostly strangers since none of my friends and only one sister follows me) even know I released a new book on Friday. I’ll save my celebration for a magical day soon in which I can really soak in that I am working on my passion just as diligently as my career.

Forgive me as I continue to rant or vent…My mind’s gone half crazy (Okay I was listening to Musiq Soulchild as I was composing this blog) because I have so many responsibilities including my clients, (of all ages, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicities) who look to me to help them in their time of need. Well, I NEED a break like yesterday…And I’m trying to hold on to HOPE but sometimes that becomes difficult to do. I know this too shall pass, but while I’m going through it, it seems never-ending. My guess is you’ve been in this place before, and may be in this place right now…

Take a deep breath…NOW!!

I’m giving myself HOPE, that on this religious weekend, GOD has me has he/she always does and that I must continue to have FAITH, which is just a HOPE in the unseen. FAITH that right around the corner, the sun will shine bright again…

Podcast interview on March 25 7pm CST


I have been tapped to do a podcast interview with Black Author Network (BAN) on Monday, March 25 at 7pm CST! I need your support! Please listen and feel free to call in as we discuss my books and my journey as an author.  If you have read any of the Endgame Trilogy and you enjoyed it, call in and give a review.  Even if you are a fan of my other stories, please call in so that we can have a lively, interactive show and hopefully drum up more support of my work. The podcast is open to the public and you can ask me questions about anything.  The show is 30 minutes and not scripted, I may even read a segment or two of my work. So I hope you can join in, even if all you want to do is listen…

Call in number is (323) 642-1298 and the chatroom is:

I also need to choose two excerpts to read from any of the Endgame Trilogy, in particular Endgame…I need your suggestions of your favorite parts or a part of the stories you feel will garner more interest…Please leave your passage suggestions in comment sections of this blog…