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The Summer Storm Cover Reveal


By now some of you have seen my cover reveal video of The Summer Storm and I just wanted to share with you a little about my current WIP. I have been hard at work and have missed my own self-imposed timelines trying to get this story right for those who love the Locke sisters and the A Love for all Seasons series. Spring Blossoms ended in a bang and I wanted to do Summer’s story justice…so hold on a little bit longer and hoping when the story is all said and done it was worth the wait. All of the Locke sisters’ stories have led up to Summer’s and it promises to be an emotional journey of self-identity, forgiveness, family, sisterhood, loyalty, friendship, coping with loss, long-lasting effects of divorce, and of course, love. This is a blurb also in progress…I wanted to give readers a hint to what’s to come…

A storm is brewing.Summer Locke has made sacrifices for the sake of her family for most of her life. First as the oldest of four daughters, and then as a busy doctor and single mother to her burgeoning teen, Bella. Now at thirty-five with three younger sisters all coupled up, she is fighting loneliness. Afraid to truly love because of a secret she is not yet ready to reveal, she has given up on happily ever after and would settle with happily for now. Until Maverick Shaw. He is the man she never knew she’d dreamed of with his easy smile, natural swagger, and charisma. As they grow closer, and the pressure to divulge the truth heightens, Summer’s world begins to spin out of control. And she wonders if she can withstand the consequences of her past actions or will she lose it all?


❤❤Cover artist by Covers in Color❤❤

One Night Pass Teaser

I moved to the nook and sat at the crystal glass table, wanting to quickly switch into the heels before anyone saw me. My feet may be dead after tonight, but I figured working behind the bar at some point, I could get comfortable and take off my shoes and continue to serve. I’d just taken off my slippers when Michael walked in the kitchen, even more handsome than earlier at the reception. He now wore black slacks and a long-sleeved wine-colored shirt with the tinniest of polka dots. A thick gold rope chain gleamed against his chocolate brown skin. His half-unbuttoned shirt hinted at his defined pecs. “I was hoping you were here…wow…you look good.” He gave me an appreciative glance, and he hadn’t yet seen me standing up in all my glory.

“Thank you…sorry, just changing shoes. I didn’t want to kill myself on the way to the main house trying to walk in these heels.” I looked up at him as he walked closer to me, trying to keep my focus on his face and not his body. “I’m heading to the party in a sec. How can I help you?”

Instead of answering me, he kneeled on the floor and picked up my foot in one hand. I controlled my surprised gasp that threatened to squeeze past my lips and gazed in wonder at the top of Michael’s wavy head of hair as he slowly placed my shoe on my right foot and tied the buckle around my ankle. He then paused a beat before he did the same to my other foot. This time he gently caressed my calf before his gaze moved leisurely up my body to my face. “My parties are very erotic. If at any point you become uncomfortable tonight, let me know, and I’ll relieve you of your duties for tonight, no questions asked.”

I nodded.  Uncertain I could speak even if I tried.

“Or if you want to join in…” he added as he rose to a standing position with not even a hint of a smile. “It can only be with me.”  

This time I didn’t nod and simply stared in disbelief at what had just transpired between us and that he’d made it clear that he wanted me. Michael then turned and walked out of the room as quietly as he’d entered. I glanced down at my ring, wondering if I would survive the biggest temptation of my life and if I even wanted to.  



The love of my life just asked me to marry him.
I should be the happiest woman in the world.
I can’t forget that he cheated on me.
How does he get to have me as a prize when he took my love for granted?
My mama says I should let it go and just be happy because men will be men.
Using that logic, women should be women and act on our carnal desires and impulses.
Even if we hurt the men who love us.
That’s what men have been doing for ages.
While women are expected to forgive and continue to love them no matter what.
Maybe I don’t want to just forgive.
Maybe I want to get even.
Today I met NFL star, Michael Carson, this sinfully delicious man who only wants one night with me.
And maybe it’s time for a little poetic justice before I get to my happily ever after…


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Zeke Powers, the best catcher in the Major Leagues, has been reckless too many times and is in danger of losing his baseball contract without the help of his sexy publicist, Jade Maxwell.

The woman he can’t (and doesn’t try to) resist.

Jade believes she has what it takes to change Zeke’s bad-boy reputation if she can just get him to be more open and believe that his personal triumphs are bigger than the game.

Recently divorced from an unfaithful husband, Jade is also wary of their alluring, soulful chemistry that Zeke is temptingly insistent on exploring. Always straightforward, Jade makes it clear to Zeke she doesn’t mix business and pleasure, especially with a handsome and charismatic athlete who has never been seen with the same woman twice. Undeterred by Jade’s reticence, he knows it’s only a matter of time before she succumbs to their magnetic attraction. After all, Zeke didn’t beat all odds to have a dream career as a professional ballplayer without persistence and patience.

The Other Side of the Game (another sneak peek)

Arriving way too early to my hotel suite, I was restless. Usually, my mind is wholly focused on the opposition the day before a game. I tried to review the video from the last time we played the Washington Pirates on my laptop, but I gave up when my mind drifted to Jade. I wondered how far she lived away from the hotel. When she told me she would be at the game tomorrow, I found myself excited. It had been a long time since someone I cared about attended my game. My parents and my older sister, Cicely, still lived in New Orleans and would come up for a game maybe once or twice a year.  I checked my diamond Piaget watch, and it was just a little after five, and our game wasn’t until tomorrow night. Fuck. I would go insane with these incessant thoughts about this woman who did her best to keep boundaries between us despite the tangible chemistry every fucking time we were near each other. I’d kept my word and had only been respectful whenever we met at Brad’s office or spoke on the phone. It’d only been a month since we met, and I’ve talked to her almost every day and seen her three times.  I flopped down on my bed, staring at the ceiling. Maybe another woman would distract me. I had a couple of women in DC who’d already reached out. I picked up my cell, debating whether to text one of them when it rang.

I almost dropped my phone like a fucking loser when I recognized Jade’s name and number. Not wanting it to seem that I longed to speak to her, I waited until it stopped ringing and called her back. “Couldn’t get to my phone in time.”

Jade replied, “Oh…okay. Listen, I know you focused on the game tomorrow, but I had to call and give you the news.”

“I’m listening.”

“Brace yourself. You just got your first cover.”

I smiled, more at the zeal in her voice than what she’d just shared. “You mean “we,” right? I told you we’re a team…you, Brad, this stylist you want me to meet next week, and me.”

“Yes, we’re a team. And our team just booked the cover of Men’s Health,” she squealed.

Men’s Health was one of the premier magazines for athletes, and that…that floored me, and I sat on the foot of the king-sized bed in disbelief. “Wow…wow…how did you manage that?”

“I sent a PR package to the editor, detailing your workout and diet regime, sent them a few of your workout pics I took off your IG, told them why you wear that number on your jersey, and reminded them of your career stats despite the Rattler’s record and I just received a call. I’m so happy right now, I could scream.”   

My dick stirred at the sound of her slightly raspy voice. I needed to see her. “Then we have to celebrate tonight. I’m already in the city.”

She sounded hesitant. “Um…don’t you need to rest up or something before a game?”

“I still need to eat. Join me for dinner. I bet I’m not far from you, and I can scoop you up.”

“We said we would keep it professional.”

“Well, meet me somewhere. I told you I wouldn’t try anything unless you ask.”

Jade groaned. “Don’t remind me. I really wished we met differently.”

“I don’t. I’m glad I had a chance to see a glimpse of how you react to my touch.” I lowered my voice purposely.

“And those words, your voice going all deep on me, is the reason we can’t have dinner.”

Refusing to be deterred, I insisted. “Bring a friend then if you’re worried about being alone with me. I just want to see you and celebrate together. This is huge news. I’ve been in the game almost nine years and never had a cover until a determined woman named Max made it happen. Choose a place and time, bring a friend, and I’m there. I can’t be out late anyway.” I paused, imagining the wrinkles in her forehead and dimples creasing her cheeks. “I can tell you want to celebrate as much as I do. Let’s grab a drink or two, and if you’re hungry, we’ll eat. It’s Friday night in the nation’s capital. Live a little.”

“Well, I do have a friend visiting. She lives in Diamond Lake and is in the city for the game. She rarely visits me here, and she definitely needs to get out.”

“Then it’s settled. I would love to celebrate with two lovely ladies. This is your town, where should we meet up? Do you want me to send you a car?”

“Not necessary. I know where the team is staying, and you’re not far from me. You like seafood?”

Happiness I’d never known spread through my being. “Am I from New Orleans?”

Jade giggled. “I never hear your accent until you rep New Orleans. You switch back and forth well.”

“We might have been poor, but my mama believed in education and diction and told me to pick and choose when to let my accent flow and when to sound like I’m from anyplace, America.”

“She taught you well. That reminds me, I think you should do a story about your beginnings. It could be on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel or a special feature on ESPN. No one really knows your story, and just listening to you share that small part of your own history moved me.”

Catching my reflection in the mirror, I stared at myself. At the man, I’d become though I’d often still felt like the little nappy-headed boy inside whose only motivation to excel was getting my family out of poverty. A burden that many black and brown children still have that in white households is and always has been the responsibility of the parents. “Let me think on that one.”

“Zeke, this goes toward your legacy. Your story is the American Dream. Despite so many obstacles, you overcame them and succeeded despite the odds. People need to know your story. Children wanting something or someone bigger than them to believe in need your story.”

Memories. Some good. Mostly bad. I ran my hand over my thick hair that I was allowing to grow even fuller on top. “Like I said, Max, let me think on that one.”

Jade quietly replied, “Okay.” She paused. “You want to meet at seven-thirty?”

“Yeah.” My shoulders sloped in the chromed reflection. The present joy shaded by the past pain.

“Hey…we got the Men’s Health cover, and I’m working on something big that I can’t wait to share. You good?”  I could hear the smile in her voice, the intent to lift my spirits.

Twisting my neck and shaking off negative thoughts, I responded with my usual swagger, “Always. Just text where you want to meet. Later.”


The moment I clicked off with Jade, I dialed his number and prayed he’d already made it to the city. “Hey, I need a favor.”

JC sounded like he was chewing. “What?”

“You at the hotel?”

“Yeah, I’m enjoying all the treats in my minibar.”

I teased. “Why is that always the first thing you do when you arrive at every hotel? Save some for tomorrow. You could stand to lose a few. Just saying.”

JC snickered. “Fuck you. My body is a temple. You wished your body looked like mine.”

Always needing to be the one with the last word, I replied smoothly, “It did when I was in high school.”

He retorted, “Hanging up.”

“Wait…JC, damn. I’m meeting up with my publicist for drinks, and she’s bringing a friend. I need you to keep her friend busy.”

“Publicist? Zeke, don’t stick me with the boring, plain friend.”

“My guess is she’s just as hot as Jade. You luck up; she may be even hotter. Besides, you do it for Ian all the time.”

“Well, lately, I’m trying to slow all that down.”

“Seriously? Shit, you party harder and fuck more women than me. What’s up?”

He replied, slightly irritated, “Nothing, just trying to chill more.”

I pulled the cell from my ear and stared at it for a minute, making sure I called JC and not Javi. Their names were close together on my phone, and it wouldn’t be the first time I’d made that mistake. Nope. I called the right person. “Look, you can still chill. The way I think Jade rolls, I’m sure her friend will be fine with a drink or two, maybe dinner, good conversation with the best shortstop and catcher in the league. These are not thirsty groupies trying to fuck us.”

“What time and how long we’re supposed to do this?”

I walked to my wide window with a panoramic view of DC with the familiar white obelisk monument in the near distance. “Come on, JC, the game not until tomorrow night. And I don’t want to put a clock on this woman. I’ve been trying to get with her, and she’s not hearing it, though I know she’s feeling it. You know me, I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t need you.”

He sighed loudly. “Fuck it. I’ll go, but you owe me big.”

“Whatever. Just meet me in the lobby at seven-thirty. I’ll drive.”

 “Where are we going?”

I smirked. “You don’t trust me?”

“Not at all… you like hood bars and clubs.”

“If I recall correctly, you like those ‘hood’ places just like me.”

“I did, and after that last fight defending you a few months ago, I stay my ass out of them now. Where are we going?”

Smiling at the memory of the fight in which I and JC handled three men who were mad that their women kept trying to talk to me and JC, I conceded. “Point. Besides, Jade chose the place.”

“Good because I’m hungry.”

“Dude, you’ve been smacking the entire time on the phone, and you’re still hungry?”

JC smacked his lips louder and said suggestively, “What can I say? I love to eat.”

“You dirty motherfucker. Don’t tell me you’re with a woman right now?”

“Bye, Zeke.”

Laughing at his naughty antics, I tossed my phone on my bed and hurried to shower. I had a dinner date with Jade, and if I played my cards right, I would be having breakfast with her, too.

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Cover Reveal


The Other Side of the Game Sneak Peek

A white Porsche gleamed in the middle of the circular driveway in front of a brick and glass mansion.  I stepped out of my own white Mercedes coupe and walked up to the massive walnut double doors.  Once one of the doors opened, all I could see was an expansion of brown muscles. When I valiantly dragged my hungry gaze to his face, Zeke Powers held a beer bottle, wearing only low-slung gray sweatpants and a frown.

“Umm… I’m Jade Maxwell…I..”

“Not in the mood…” he said rudely, then as an afterthought, he leisurely perused my body from head to toe and seemed to reconsider. “Or maybe you can get me in the mood.”

“Excuse me?” Who the fuck did he think I was?

Zeke took another swig of his beer. Admittedly the way he leaned against his door was way too sexy for a business meeting. Never realized watching a man’s Adam’s apple move while he drank would be such a turn-on.  Zeke raised a thick brow and said with a hint of irritation, “You want to come inside or not?”

Unsure of his mercurial mood, I held tighter to my purse on my shoulder. “I do, but if this isn’t the right time, I can schedule another meeting.”

Zeke’s deep chuckle coursed straight to my sex, and my stomach tightened as he stepped back and held his door open. “I always make time for beautiful women.”

Heat rose between us when I walked past him into his home.  He followed a little too close to comfort as I walked through his massive entryway. “Is Brad here yet?”

“Mmm…” Zeke murmured from behind my ear, and my panties were already wet at the sensual sound.

Realizing I needed to focus on my job since I never mix pleasure and business, I stopped walking and quickly turned around.  Zeke bumped into me, and his strong arms automatically encircled me. I was face to face with his mocha, impossibly muscled chest. I looked up into his bent, handsome, amused face.  

His arms tightened around me, pressing me into him, the coldness of his beer bottle against my lower back, and he whispered, “You smell good. I’ve had a hell of a night, but right now, nothing else matters.”

Heady sensations assailed me, and I struggled to stay afloat. I’m not a believer of lust at first sight and had never had a one-night stand. Yet, this man had me wanting to slide off my panties and bend over within seconds of opening his door. I became hyper-focused on his lips, lips that could do damage to my soul. When he licked his lips, I knew I was one second from losing it all. I placed my hands on his chest, and I immediately realized my mistake. His skin was so fucking smooth, I wanted to keep rubbing it. “Shit.”

“My sentiments exactly.” Zeke smiled wickedly.

I shut my eyes, needing to gain my common senses. “Mr. Powers, I think there’s a misunderstanding.”

I felt a soft kiss on my neck near my ear. “I don’t think so.”

Instead of backing away, I allowed him to place another kiss on my neck. “Who do you think I am?”

“A sexy ass woman I plan to get to know better,” Zeke mumbled against my neck. “What’s this scent?”

“Umm…The One.”

“The One? I like that.” Zeke’s lips grazed my cheek, inching ever so closer to my mouth. “Right now, you’re definitely the one.”

Temptation was a motherfucking bitch. But I needed this job, and sleeping with my new client, a hot head, party boy, was definitely not the answer.  I finally gained the strength to move my head and neck from his mouth. He grunted his disapproval. I opened my eyes and hit his chest with my fist hard enough for him to let me go. “I’m here to be of service, not to serve you.”

Zeke dropped his arms, backing up with a frown. “Who are you? You mentioned something about Brad?”

“Yes, I was supposed to meet Brad here.”

He rubbed his ripped abs seemingly absentmindedly, drawing attention to his semi-erect dick imprint in his gray sweatpants, distracting me yet again. “Brad? I fired him.”

“Fired him. When? He just hired me yesterday.” I hurriedly opened my Chanel bag and grabbed my cell. I looked at the two missed calls from Brad. Damn.

Zeke gulped down the rest of his beer and strode into his great room. “What did he hire you for?”

Stunned, I remained standing in place. Had I lost the most significant opportunity of my career before it even started? “To be your publicist. He said you needed to clean up your image and thought I could handle…work with you,” I corrected.

He shot a look at me and said, wryly, “Handle me? Now that’s fucking real. I was one second from lifting your dress and going down on you.”

Didn’t I just say his lips would do serious damage?




He knew exactly what I needed. He had served his purpose. Now it was over.

Those were the first thoughts as I slowly opened my eyes, my heart pounding at what I’d done all night with the man next to me. I’d actually had a fling, a one-night stand. I snuck a glance over my shoulder at his naked, muscled body, only partially covered by the dark sheets. His face and chest were turned away from me though I could hear his even breathing. I reached down between my legs, sore and sticky from his unrelenting, powerful, multiple orgasm thrusting. He had me in so many positions, some I didn’t think possible. My nipples puckered at the memory of his mouth, his lips, his teeth’s rapturous attention. I gingerly touched the passionate bruising around my areolas that I would have to hide for the next couple of days. Thinking of who waited for me at home, I expected at least a twinge of guilt, and all I felt was vindicated. We were finally even.

I watched him sleeping, wondering if I could survive the intensity that being with him, being his woman, would require. I’d only met him two nights ago, and he’d left his mark, an indelible tattoo on the most intimate part of me. If I spent any more time with him, my heart and soul would be impossibly in peril. I needed to go before he opened his beautiful brown eyes and used his sexy, persuasive smile to entice me to do…well, anything. I had to leave this tempting bed of sinful pleasures. I eased out of his large bed, only finding my purple satin panties near his oversized chair in the corner of his massive bedroom. I searched the area and noticed my blue dress on the bed that blended with the sheets. Damn it. I tiptoed back to the bed and gently pulled the dress from under his firm thigh. Suddenly a large hand clasped my wrist and pulled me back in the bed, flush on top of him, my breasts pressed against his hard chest.

“Ooh,” I exclaimed more at the sensuous feel of his skin against mine than his sudden, quick movements.

Eyes still closed, his voice gruff and deep with sleep, he said, “You gave me a day.”

I reminded him, “I gave you a night.”

Michael opened his eyes with a devilish dimpled smile. “I rarely listen when I want something.”

He quickly flipped me over, spread my legs, and soon I forgot again about my fiancé waiting for me back home.




The love of my life just asked me to marry him.I should be the happiest woman in the world.


I can’t forget that he cheated on me.

How does he get to have me as a prize when he took my love for granted?

My mama says I should let it go and just be happy because men will be men.

Using that logic, women should be women and act on our carnal desires and impulses.

Even if we hurt the men who love us.

That’s what men have been doing for ages.

While women are expected to forgive and continue to love them no matter what.

Maybe I don’t want to just forgive.

Maybe I want to get even.

Today I met NFL star, Michael Carson, this sinfully delicious man who only wants one night with me.

And maybe it’s time for a little poetic justice before I get to my happily ever after…



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The Favorite Book Baes in order of votes but not necessarily in my heart😉:

Michael Carson (Endgame Trilogy)

Bakari Youngblood (Forbidden Trilogy)

Devin Toussaint (Unforgettable Man)

Chad Turner (The Winter Date)

Jacob Rivers (A Complicated Love)

Quincy Jackson (Autumn Falls)

Montana Keyes (Essence of You Trilogy)

Tre LaSalle (Unforgettable Kiss)

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The sexy drum major
The hot popstar
The arrogantly charming NFL player
The gorgeous NBA player
The broodingly handsome engineer
The sexy and loyal educator
The charismatic Mayor
The dashing and sexy attorney


The Masquerade Seduction is LIVE!!

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With his pretty-boy looks, engaging smile, mad skills, and a rep for playing just as hard on and off the stage, award-winning jazz musician, Tristan Locke doesn’t believe in love or exclusivity. Bored with the ease in which he gets women, he accepts a bet. Tristan Locke doesn’t believe in love or exclusivity. Bored with the ease in which he gets women, he accepts a bet. Tristan must bed Phoenix Avery – who proclaimed on her Instagram that she is a virgin waiting for love and marriage – before the annual Mardi Gras Masquerade Party. Confident he will win, Tristan relentlessly pursues Phoenix until he is struck by the most unlikely sensation of all…love.

Perfect for fans of naughty NEW ADULT romance!


I continued the song, and her hips swayed to the sexy mellowness of the song. I was surprised that she had such a sensual rhythm. She never danced at the club. If Phoenix worked late, she stayed in the staff room or assisted wait and bar staff if we were extremely busy or shorthanded.

Once I finished, she clapped. “Tristan, you really are amazing. I can almost forget that I don’t like you.”

Taken aback, I asked, “You don’t like me? What have I ever done to you?”

“I don’t like how you treat women like we’re disposable, which makes me not like you.”

I moved my horn behind me, and with one finger, I tilted her chin up. “You don’t have to like me to want to fuck me.”