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She was his sexy college professor.
He was her hot student.
Like two magnets, their attraction was undeniable…

Destined for marriage has always been Dr. Simone Austin’s belief and now that her career is where she wants it, she is ready for forever. In walks one sexy, Chris Alexander, apologetically late to her chemistry class and from the first moment their eyes met, he tempts her to forget her careful approach to love and focus on their tantalizing moments of the here and now…

Psychologist Dr. Zoe Broussard has always been a no-nonsense, play by the rules woman until she meets her new client. From the moment the impossibly gorgeous Michael Carson walks into her office, she finds herself dangerously drawn to him and irrevocably hooked.

Michael is an NFL quarterback with a multimillion-dollar contract and a penchant for breaking hearts. He’s used to getting what he wants, and he’s determined to tempt his hot new therapist into exploring the obvious passion between them. Even though there’s another man in her life.

Can Zoe resist Michael’s charms and her growing feelings for him? More importantly, is she willing to risk everything for a man who may not be there tomorrow?

After making the decision to take a chance on love with sexy NFL player Michael Carson, Dr. Zoe
Broussard is more than thrilled to be the lady on his arm. She has always been independent with
self-confidence but soon discovers that the lifestyle of a superstar athlete may be more than she
bargained for.

Michael is determined to prove to the beautiful and headstrong Zoe that he is worth the risk and
loves only her. As his world becomes hers and obstacles are thrown in their path, he begins to doubt
if he is truly the man she deserves. Now that they’re officially a couple, can Zoe adjust to losing her
career as she has known it? Will their love survive, especially when a person from Michael’s past
resurfaces and tensions strain their relationship?

From the moment NFL Superstar Michael Carson walked into Dr. Zoe Broussard’s office, Zoe’s life has never been the same. Now that Michael and the Gators have won the Super Bowl and he openly professed his love for her to the world, Zoe is in the spotlight more than ever. As she adjusts to the newfound attention, practicing psychology again, and most importantly her new roles of wife and mother, she finds herself in the familiar struggle of maintaining her identity.

Michael could not be happier with being at the top of his game on and off the field. He remains steadfast in his love for Zoe and ready to take on the challenges of fatherhood, when he receives disturbing news. In this game of life, is their love strong enough to overcome any obstacles—even sabotage at the hands of someone else?

What happens when the man you can’t live without is your husband’s brother?

On the eve of their tenth wedding anniversary, Kameron and Aaron Youngblood plan to renew their vows. They seem to have the perfect life and are the very definition of “couple goals.” Yet Kameron feels uneasy about her relationship but can’t figure out what’s missing. Until Bakari, Aaron’s hot younger brother, arrives in town for a job interview, bold in his attraction toward his sister-in-law.

Kameron finds herself hopelessly drawn to him again like she was all those years ago when they first met. Now that he’s back, Bakari is determined to get Kameron to risk it all for him—even if it means losing his brother forever…

What happens when love destroys all?

Bakari Youngblood is moving back home to Washington, DC, and his family could not be happier. But not Kameron, his brother’s wife and the love of his life, with whom he shared a weekend of passion. Now that he’s back and tantalizingly insistent that they continue to explore their love, Kameron is even more determined to suppress her desires for him and focus on her marriage.

Although her heart belongs to Bakari, Kameron believes she and Aaron can still be happy. All of that changes when her supposedly faithful and dutiful husband comes home late one night with a flimsy excuse. Now, Kameron wonders if Aaron is having an affair and if Bakari knew all along. As she battles her heart and conscience about her feelings toward her marriage and Bakari, secrets are slowly revealed that threaten to destroy the picture-perfect Youngbloods and the very fabric of their lives.

What happens when devastating truths are revealed?

After several tumultuous months of temptation, passion, and heartache, painful secrets have been unveiled. Kameron Youngblood reaches a crossroads. Falsely believing that Kameron chose Aaron, Bakari is resolute about closing the chapter on their love, and worse, he’s leaving again. Aaron, still reeling from discovering his brother’s affair with Kameron, surprisingly is not yet ready to give up on his marriage. He promises to be there for her—no matter what. Uncertain what choice to make, Kameron wavers.

Then tragedy strikes, and even more secrets are revealed. Can Kameron make it through this final test…or will she finally break?

Jasmine Green has always been unlucky in love. When she is dumped unceremoniously by text three years ago, she decides to only focus on friends, work, and law school and not necessarily in that order. But that suddenly changes while on her first girls’ trip to Essence Festival when she literally bumps into Montana Keyes, a handsome, charming, and wealthy professional basketball player. There is instant chemistry between them and they enjoy a no-strings attached, passion-filled weekend. While she is content to leave their weekend as a pleasant memory, Montana wants more and promises a future. And although she finds herself irrevocably drawn to him, she decides not to risk her heart on a man who can and has practically had any woman he wanted. As time passes Jasmine is unable to forget Montana and when they meet again she is surprised to discover he still feels the same. She now must make a choice to remain in her comfortable world or explore a new one full of passion and romance where the stakes are higher than she has ever known. Will she trust Montana, and more importantly herself enough to take a chance on love?

Now that Jasmine Green has decided to open her heart to NBA player, Montana Keyes, she has never been happier. She couldn’t ask for anything more in a relationship, until an encounter with a woman from his past, raises her own insecurities and mistrust between them.

Montana has never been faithful or honest with any woman before Jasmine. Although he reassures her that he is a committed man and his past callous treatment of women is over, Montana struggles internally to be the man Jasmine deserves.

After a trip to Chicago to meet Montana’s family where deep secrets are unveiled, Jasmine realizes that she isn’t the only one with scars. And she wonders if maybe through their love for each other, they can finally heal from their own personal wounds. Maybe…

**Can be read as a stand-alone or as apart of the Essence Trilogy.**

A meet-cute at the Essence Festival leads to a love of a lifetime. Jasmine Green is officially engaged to and having NBA superstar, Montana Keyes’ baby. Believing they’ve left behind any insecurities, Jasmine and Montana fully embrace their undeniable love. Until events happen that threaten their happily ever after and old wounds are opened again. Jasmine begins to question if Montana has really changed and if her heart is strong enough to survive if he hasn’t…

**This Special Edition is reformatted and includes bonus chapters of Montana’s point of view from each of the trilogies!**