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Can you believe it’s May already? This year is going by so fast and before we know it, we will be celebrating Halloween! May is another special month for me because it is of course, Mother’s Day. It’s also my father’s birthday as well as my best female and male friend’s birthdays.  I have a lot of celebrating to do and given that I’m trying to be healthier, it’s going to be tough. 

May will also be an exciting month for me because my complete Forbidden trilogy will be released.  I am also editing One Week to be released as a free read on Amazon in time for Mother’s Day.  And I’m in the process of re-editing and splitting Essence of You in to three or four stories, with the last story for those who read that original story being the follow-up (I was told that the story may be too long and intimidating to readers). I hope to have the new revised series available June 3 and the follow-up sequel within the next two weeks.  Enough talk for now…Hope you have a Marvelous May!!