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I’m still trying to understand where the year went! We only have 30 days left in the year. December is here with a vengeance, whether we are ready or not.  I’m the person who’ll decorate early, though this year I’m behind because I’ve been busy writing. This week, the house is decorated no matter what!  Hallmark has already been the only channel on my bedroom TV since Halloween weekend and I’ve been throwing in Lifetime and Own on occasion. I’m excited, later this month on December 13th, The Winter Date drops! The second in my series of A Love for all Seasons.  Read an excerpt from The Winter Date under Tiye’s books. 

Winter Locke, still reeling from the break-up of her ten-year relationship with her high school sweetheart, is dreading the holidays, usually her favorite time of the year. Her best friend, Chad Turner is determined to remind Winter that she shouldn’t let anyone steal her joy this Christmas, even if that means he steals her heart in the process. 

Catch up on Autumn Falls, the first story in – A Love for all Seasons in the meantime and is still available on Amazon.  As always Happy Reading!! 

Hope everyone has the best holiday season!!!


Happy Holidays!!
Available December 13th! Link coming soon…
Just tap on the cover or the link below to buy your copy now…Now Available!!!https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YVNV8GM

11 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I have been reading all of your content since you were posting on Wattpad. So happy to read all the oldies (the Endgame and Essence of You series are my favorites) and excited to read what you will have come out in the near future. Also, have you ever thought about writing your stories from the point of view of the male protagonist? I think those would be really interesting to read as well!


    1. Thanks for reading and hope you continue…I have a lot in store…I have thought about writing from the male perspective which is why part of the Forbidden series is told from Bakari…I plan to do one novel follow-up with Aaron from the Forbidden series in the future and I have another series in mine in which the male is the main character…in the meantime I have Essence of Us and a couple of new stories before the year is out…Don’t forget to join my newsletter for the latest and contests…Take care and happy reading!


    1. My story is published by a company and legally I can no longer share that story in it’s entirety for free…it’s not expensive to purchase and the kindle app can be downloaded on any phone for free and you can always own the Forbidden trilogy which underwent some revisions and I’m sure you would enjoy the story more…


    1. Awww…birthday is coming up…Happy early birthday…the sequel to Chemistry is on hold for now…I’m working on two new series for my publisher and because I still have another career I can’t devote as much time as I would like to writing…but I haven’t forgotten about Chris and Simone…


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