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“You like what you see?” He grinned and sipped on a beer, still standing in front of the fridge.

“You should put on a shirt when you’re a guest in someone’s home.” I ignored his question. I was grateful it was too dark in here to see my blush.

“And you shouldn’t walk around naked when you have guests.”

I crossed my arms. “I’m not naked.”

“You are beneath that robe.” He tilted his head to slowly peruse my body, making me hot for him.

I could kick myself for walking out of my bedroom with just a robe. Aaron and I usually slept in the nude, which I did even when he was out of town. “Could you just go back to bed? You’re so annoying.”

He leaned on the counter next to the fridge, holding the door open for me, forcing me to move closer to him. I rolled my eyes at him and pushed his hand out of the way.

Bakari laughed. “Let me not stand in the way.”

The tension between us was crazy thick, and I couldn’t concentrate enough to do something as simple as get a bottle out of the refrigerator. “Hey, listen. I’m sorry about earlier. I shouldn’t have said what I did.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I got irritated thinking about his assumptions about my marriage and my feelings toward him all over again.

“Because you know that I’m right. I should have approached you differently, but you know I’m right,” he spoke in a softer tone.

“Leave me alone, Bakari.” I slammed the refrigerator door without getting anything and turned to rush back to the safety of my bedroom. Suddenly, he captured my hand in his and put his beer down on the counter before pulling me to him.

“Let me go. What are you doing?” I whispered angrily, afraid Leela could walk in any minute. Not that I cared about her. I just didn’t want her to tell Aaron if she caught us.

Gone was his playful expression, replaced with longing. “No, the question is: what are you doing to me? I can’t stop thinking about you. About our kiss all those years ago at my graduation and then again on your wedding day.”

He seemed so earnest that my feelings of indignation dissipated, and I looked down at the hand that still held mine. “You have to forget about that. I had a moment of weakness, and I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

“Oh, so I’m the only one that has dreams of us making love?”

I closed my eyes because I’d had those dreams ever since I’d met him. “It doesn’t matter, Bakari, and besides what about Linda?” I said dismissively, pressing my other hand against his chest, trying to keep distance between us.

“Leela,” he corrected. “You know her name. Jealous?”

“Of what? Let me go before Lila comes in here.” I tried to break free, but he put both of his arms around me and leaned in to kiss me. I turned my head, so he kissed my cheek. Although the touch of his full lips on my cheek made me tingle, I knew I had to stop this madness. “Come on, you have to stop.”

“What if I can’t?” He nibbled on my neck.

Oh my God, his strong arms were now around my waist. Enjoying his full lips on my neck, loving his natural scent, and feeling his thick length against my thigh made me languid with desire. My nipples were sensitive to the fact that only thin material separated me from his bare chest. I resisted placing my arms around his neck and let them hang limply at my sides. He put the pressure on, and I failed as Tisha had predicted.

When Bakari inched his way back to my lips, I placed both of my hands on his face and leaned back to look into his sexy eyes. “Hey, whatever this is between us has to stop. You have to leave me alone. We are in your brother’s house. I am his wife. We could hurt two people deeply. I could lose my husband, and you’d lose your brother. Forever. Not to mention your fiancée or whoever the hell she is, who’s sleeping right upstairs—”

“Right now, the only person who matters is standing in front of me.” He kissed me softly. Damn, those lips made it impossible for me to not respond when he opened my mouth with his tongue. I wrapped my arms around his strong neck and gave in to his sweet kiss. He felt so good I never wanted this kiss to end. He cupped my ass and lifted me onto the counter. I made a soft sound of protest and tried to close my legs, but his strong hands held them open.

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All work and later for play has always been Nikki Wade’s motto. Until the enticingly hot yet complicated Bakari Youngblood convinces her otherwise while at a conference in Jamaica. After a tough emotional two years of pain and loneliness and one night of unexpected passion with Bakari, Nikki gives in to his request to be uninhibited. And soon, she re-discovers herself and realizes that love is possible again. But is that love possible with Bakari who seems to be holding something back?

*This is a prequel of sorts to the Forbidden Trilogy*


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For those who love the Forbidden series and those who will love the series 😉… an excerpt… THE EXPERIENCE (9-9-22)

BLURB: All work and later for play has always been Nikki Wade’s motto. Until the enticingly hot yet complicated Bakari Youngblood convinces her otherwise while at a conference in Jamaica.


*This is a prequel of sorts to the Forbidden Trilogy*


“Um…as I was saying…you know one of my deepest secrets, and I don’t know your name. I’m Nikki ‘Not short for Nicole’ Wade. What’s yours?”

“Mm…that name is mad cool, and glad it’s not short for Nicole. I used to know a Nicole who stalked me.” A grin spread across his features.

Understandable. “Seriously?”

The stranger nodded solemnly. “She was crazy. Wouldn’t leave me alone after one bad date.”

“How did that end?”

“It didn’t.” At my gaped mouth, he snickered. “Naw…just playing with you. Your face was priceless. I’ve never been stalked though I know some bat shit women.”

“You’re sure you didn’t do anything to make these women crazy?” I asked, half-teasing.

To his credit, he looked down at me with a smirk. “I might have contributed.”

“Love…I mean, I like a man who takes responsibility for his actions.”

He seemed amused at my response and drawled, “And I love…I mean, I like pleasing a woman.”

I almost faltered in my steps at the double entendre. I clenched my hands to avoid gripping his bicep to maintain my balance. If I remained in his presence a moment longer, I would make a fool out of myself. This man was doing something to all my senses, including my sixth one, that he had the potential to do severe damage to my body and heart, and I had yet to hear his name. “Any reason you haven’t introduced yourself yet?”

The stranger chuckled warmly. “Sorry. Sometimes I forget the most basic of social skills. You said your name and I was supposed to follow up with mine, right?”

“That’s usually how it goes.”

“Well, then, allow me to introduce myself.” He stopped, turned to face me, and held his hand for me to shake. When I grasped his warm, strong hand, he said, “Bakari Youngblood.”

My stomach knotted at how he looked at me as he said his name, full of pride. “Bakari… a nice name too. Sounds like it has a meaning.”

“It does. Promising.” Twin indentations appeared on his cheeks.

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For the Love of the Game is Now Available

Javier Mendez
I always thought the game saved me.
Until I met her.
With every touch, she heals me.
Her love has become my balm that I never knew I needed.
And now I’m afraid I’ll lose her.
My life. My troubles. My past may be too much
because her heart is already fractured.

Alaina Black
I hide my brokenness behind a smile,
my wounds behind my compassion.
No one knows my hurt.
My scars are not some badge of honor,
but a manifestation of my deep pain.
Meeting him brightened my world.
Yet loving him can destroy me.

On the verge of losing everything, Javier, in a drunken stupor, stumbles upon Alaina’s doorstep. The two troubled souls are destined to meet and irresistibly drawn to each other. But is the power of their love strong enough to heal their wounded hearts?

*This romance deals with sensitive subjects some may find triggering.*

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For the Love of the Game Sneak Peek


The alpha men of the Diamond Lake Rattlers are back to win the game and their women’s hearts…

Check out star catcher, Zeke Power’s journey to love now

and then first baseman, Javier Mendez’s journey later❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

But first a sneak peek at FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME.

I shook off my returning gloom because I wanted to be present and happy for Zeke who deserved all that was happening to him. “I expect a phone call after the big ask.”

“No doubt.” He looked over my shoulder and his smile widened.

“Thinking love might be literally around the corner for you, too.”

Zeke headed back up the beach at a fast jog and I turned around to see what made him smile. A woman with long brown and blonde locs stared out into the lake. My still rapidly beating heart, increased in rhythm. Alaina Black. I hadn’t seen her in months, most of it purposefully done since she lived a mile down the beach where the homes were smaller and quaint. I wasn’t ready to see her again and had avoided that side of the beach. This morning, I’d been so lost in my own world I’d inadvertently run past her house.

Our first, and only, time meeting had been eventful. In my drunken stupor, I’d landed on the steps of her back gate. The next morning, she found me and my cell. She called Zeke to get me because she had rightfully surmised that I’d only been intoxicated. Despite my embarrassment, I found myself intrigued and instantly attracted to the brown beauty who appeared to be all alone.

And now she was alone again. Flowy white cover-up floating in the breeze, revealing glimpses of her golden-brown skin. Knees pulled up to her chest as she rested her chin looking out over the sun rising over the lake.

“Good morning,” I announced softly not wanting to scare her.

She looked up at me and her gray eyes widened in recognition. “Good morning.”

“How are you?”

“Well,” she responded drily and stretched her neck, moving her head side to side.

Confused by her rather indifferent reaction to my presence, I asked, “Do you remember me?”

“Yes.” Alaina slowly stood, still facing the lake.

I moved around to stand in front of her. “Listen, wanted to apologize again.”

She shook her head. “No need.”

“At least let me make you breakfast.”

Her brows dipped almost to the bridge of her nose, and I quickly put my hands up. “I mean no harm or ill intent. Just wanted to show my appreciation for your discretion. We can have breakfast in the city if being in your or my home is too intimate.”

“There’s no need to do anything. It’s been months, Mr. Mendez.”

I smiled, loving the way my name sounded on her tongue. “Javier, please.”

“Mr. Mendez, it’s not necessary. You’re alive and appear to be well. That’s enough for me.” She nodded her head and started walking toward her home.

I took two long steps and matched her stride. “Ms. Black, what kind of coffee do you drink?”


“A simple question.”

“So was mine.”

“Maybe I came across too strongly.” I stepped in front of her again and when she almost stumbled into me, I kept her steady with my hands curved to her waist. “Let me start over. Name is Javier Mendez, and I really would like to know you.” With surprisingly bated breath and what I hoped was a warm smile, I awaited her answer.

“Why?” she asked again.

I smiled down into her upturned face. Her gray eyes appeared blue in the sunlight. “Because I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since the day we met.”

“And yet it’s been months since we met. Maybe you should come up with a different line.” She backed out of my embrace. “I have to get ready for work. Take care.”

Alaina sauntered away from me. I watched her amused that she feigned disinterest when I knew that eventually we would make love. Her mouth may have told me to get lost, but she couldn’t stop the shiver when I grabbed her waist or the way her eyes lit with pleasure when she first noticed me standing above her.

As I jogged back to my house, I mused that my inner clouds had dissipated into hope. Hope that everything in my life would somehow work itself out. Hope that I would find a lasting love. Hope because of a beautiful woman meditating on a beach. A woman who’s now thinking about me whether or not she’ll ever admit it to me.



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I can’t believe the day is here…we have been behind the scenes working toward this release for more than a year (crazy, a whole year!) while I finished other projects and worked with another group of amazing writers. THAT DAY IS FINALLY HERE!

I thank the ladies of the Savage Bloodline Boxset for allowing me an opportunity to participate in this BWWM and mafia romance.

Gianni was my first foray into mafia romance and I enjoyed challenging myself. I plan to do more romance with a crime element in the near future because of this experience. Although Gianni is a slight departure for me, it is still a Tiye Love journey of love… So indulge in these 20 stories of crime, passion, and love…






Twosday Teaser Unforgettable Love

Happy Teaser Twosday!!!

In honor of the 2-22-22 date, thought I would drop a teaser AND the Spotify playlist for Unforgettable Love, Unforgettable Series, Book 4 (releases 2-26-22)!!


I walked to the door, wondering if I should share my thoughts with Nick. Not that I didn’t trust him, we just hadn’t been in that friendship mode in years. Then again, we are rebuilding and starting anew. “Yeah. It’s Bria. No matter how hard I try….” I opened the door, and the object of my inescapable thoughts grinned devilishly with her hands behind her back. “Bria?”

She bit her lower lip as her gaze seared my bare chest. “I come in peace.”

Nick asked, “Is that Sabria?”

“Mmm. Hmmm.” I stared at Sabria, who looked positively amazing in her red cold shoulder sweater dress and black boots. She’d twisted her black faux locs so that her hair flowed over one bare shoulder. She’d even donned makeup that illuminated her natural beauty. Eyeliner emphasized her brown eyes that now sparkled like a new penny.

“Interesting. Well, let me let you go.”

My eyes never left a smiling Sabria. “Yeah…call you later so we can finish our conversation.”

“Maybe meet up for drinks.”

“Cool,” I responded while Sabria switched from foot to foot, impatiently patient.

“And tonight, do everything I would do.” I could hear the amusement in his voice.

I held my finger to Sabria and stepped back inside, closed my door, and whispered on the phone, “Do not say a word to Tresa about Bria stopping over here. I mean it, Nicholas.”

“Using my whole name, you’re serious.” He laughed. “TJ, I still got you. Peace.”


I opened the door and leaned my back against the door jamb. “Damn, Bria…you rocking that dress. Must have a hot date.”

She trailed her finger from my belly button to my waistband, dangerously close to my ever-ready d$#k. “You’re the one out here, showing the world you work out on the regular.”

“I thought you were going to let me know when you got back in town. You can’t just pop over. What if I had Iesha here? You know how insanely jealous you get.” I complained though I didn’t stop her wandering hand that cooled my warm skin.

“Good, that means she isn’t here.” She tapped my chest and walked past me inside my house…


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