The Aftermath: Excerpt

I walked into the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel, the one from the movie Pretty Woman.  I passed the opulent lobby holding his hand, nervous because we were headed to the reception. Once we entered, the breathtaking ballroom, I blinked back sudden tears.  Variations of red roses, crystals, and candles were placed throughout the lavishly decorated room. The red and gold wedding cake had to be at least ten layers and the groom’s special red velvet cake had five. Laughter, gaiety, and music filled the air. 

He suggested, “We should go ahead and pay our respects to the bride and groom and then eat.”

I shrugged. “Doesn’t really matter.”

As we moved down the long receiving line, I gripped his hand tighter and he looked down at me and said reassuringly, “You’ll be fine.”

Grateful for this man who’d been there for me the last few months, I smiled. As we neared the end of the line, my heart pounded and my breath became shallow, and I almost stopped in my tracks. When we approached the blushing bride, she frowned slightly ever aware of cameras as she graciously thanked me for coming without touching my offered hand.  The groom captured my hand in his and he almost smiled with love before catching himself. We locked eyes and he bit the corner of his lip before letting my hand go. My fiancé gently pushed me forward. I wanted so bad to look back, but I didn’t.

My fiancé hugged me to him when we made it to our table. “You did good. It’s finally over and you survived. Now we can finally focus on us and our special day.”

I smiled weakly because it’s not every day, you attend the wedding of the love of your life to someone else. Jordan Mathews was officially married and lost to me forever.

While my fiancé mingled and I remained alone at our intimate table for two, purposely avoiding looking in the direction of the happy couple, I checked my phone and almost dropped it.  I put it down quickly searching the room, hoping my fiancé wasn’t near.  Afraid to read it, hand trembling, I picked my cell back up. It simply read.

Please meet me in room 556.

I glanced around the reception again and I didn’t see my fiancé nor Jordan. The beautiful bride glowed with happiness while being photographed with her bridesmaids and her family.  I re-read the text, debating whether to go to him. I’d never been so scared in my life.  Although he was the past who could ruin my bright future, I wanted desperately to go to Jordan.

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