Black love

Black love

In honor of Endgame, which will be released this Friday, I thought of black love and why it’s important to tell our stories.   I know love is love and love knows no color but because us black folks have been portrayed for some many years as less than human, we need our love stories to be heard.  Love is the common ground that we all share no matter who you are or your preferences in a partner.  And if the world can love our romance  stories as much as us then maybe, just maybe, the world can also see our humanity.

At the beginning of this month, some of you who may follow me on Instagram, (I know I have hardly any followers because my true identity is a secret and none of my friends follow me, but hey I managed to get over 2000 of strangers to follow me on wattpad) may have noticed my countdown of my favorite love movies and honorable mentions. I had a mix of all movies because I truly love love no matter color or sexual orientation of the lead characters.  What I realized as I counted down, there were not enough romantic movies with black leads. My favorite is still Love and Basketball and that was released in 2000!

And I wish that the rest of the world could see that our love is universal as well or we would have plenty of romantic movies in which to choose. The best part of the sports drama Creed II,  (besides Michael B Jordan, of course) was Bianca and Adonis’ love story, showing the world that we feel the same pain and hurts in a thriving relationship and want to meet that person who we know without a doubt is our forever ride or die.

I am so glad that in the world of books, we are so much more advanced than film and there are many stories of love in which to choose, no matter your interest or preference. I hope that as I continue to write and publish my work that somehow my love stories resonate and capture your heart no matter your gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, and maybe one day you will list my story as one of your faves!

 Happy Reading!!

And remember Endgame Trilogy is released this week and for a limited time, Endgame is $1.99. Stay tuned for link for pre-orders. 



2 thoughts on “Black love

  1. My ALL Time Favorite love story is Love Jones Larenz Tate and Nia Long brought it for Me. Aka Darius & Nina💚💚


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